Yoona & Seo JiHye, Vespa battle?… Note the similar characters in the daily drama
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KBS and MBCâ??s new daily dramas are grabbing attention by opening its doors during similar timefram featuring two similar characters with similar settings.

KBS 1TVâ??s new daily drama, â??You are my destinyâ? will begin broadcasting on the 5th which is the same day as the Childrenâ??s Day. Featuring SNSDâ??s YoonA and Park JaeJung as the main characters, YoonA will play the role of Jang SaeByuk (JSB) who grew up in a nursery school but living a strong life with a cheerful strength.

JSB is a character who has lost her eyesight but living a new life after a corneal transplant. Her character has a bright smile and an optimistic and cheerful personality.

MBCâ??s daily drama, â??Celebration at ChoonJaâ??sâ? which debuts 2 weeks later on the 19th features the character â??Yeon BoonHongâ?? (YBH) who is just as cheerful as Jang SaeByuk. Played by Seo JiHye, YBH is a 23 year old, island girl who has a bright and pleasant personality with lots of laughter and just as much tears.

Similar to JSB, YBH also suffers. YBH is left in a situation where she becomes a single mother due to the betrayal of her love interest but does not lose hope and dreams and fights the ordeal and prejudice against her.

Another similarity is that both characters begin the early stages of the drama on a vespa. YoonA is scheduled to meet its viewers for the first time with an accident scene on a vespa and Seo JiHye practiced how to ride a vespa for 2 days to film the riding scene.

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