DBSK & SNSDâ??s AnyCall CF, Are they kissing?
[DailySports] Friday, May 2nd 2008 09:30AM

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Groups DBSK and SNSD has become the new models for AnyCallâ??s â??Hapticâ?? commercial. The present model, Jeon JiHyun will still remain as their model and DBSK and SNSD will be newly joining her.

Teenage cultureâ??s top icons DBSK and SNSDâ??s 14 stars will be grabbing even more attention by being paired up and showcasing the love story with the concept of â??Haptic Loveâ??.

Jessica and MaxChangMin, MickyYooChun and Yoona will be featured as the love creating couple and HeroJaeJoon, YouKnowYoonHo and Tiffany will play the love tug of war with its love triangle.

The â??Hapticâ?? cellphone is featured as the love messenger between the couples. Especially, each coupleâ??s near kissing moments during the commercial has been receiving a lot of attention on the internet even before the release.

Jae-Il Agency quoted, â??We are planning to use several different people because haptic is a strategy modelâ? and â??We cannot say for certain that DBSK and SNSD are the final exclusive models. We will study the feedbacks after the initial periodâ?.

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