SNSD-DBSK, Reveals the love story in the commercial!
[ReviewStar] Thursday, May 1st 2008 02:45PM

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The top idol groups â??SNSDâ? and â??DBSKâ?? has met on the commercial screen.

Samsung AnyCallâ??s new model â??Hapticâ?? website featured the love relationship between DBSK and SNSD and it has been causing a frenzy.

The Haptic love line features YoonHo-Tiffany-JaeJoong, YooChun-YoonA, ChangMin-Jessica and will connect each charactersâ?? love story with different members. The commercial is expected to be a big hit.

On the other side, DBSK is currently on their 3rd livetour in Japan and SNSD has finished their 1st album promotion and concentrating on their individual performances. Especially, YoonA has been receiving a lot of attention due to being casted as the main character in KBS 1TVâ??s â??You are my destinyâ?.

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