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Shinhwa Kim Dongwan’s 2nd album featuring Tiffany’s narration attracts attention.

Kim Dongwan’s 2nd album ‘The Secret’ which would be released on the 8th features Tiffany of SNSD in the narration for the title hit ‘The Secret’. Kim Dongwan extend his invitation to Tiffany to help him in the narration of the song to add on to the overall feeling for this sad track.

Tiffany said: “I am a Kim Dongwan fan all the way, and I am looking forward to participate in his 2nd album.” when asked about working with Kim Dongwan. She continued: “I sincerely wish him all the best for his comeback.” In addition to the title hit, Tiffany would be narrating in the cover of the song “Wae GeRae(왜그래)” by Kim HyunChul(김현철).

Meanwhile, from the 2nd onwards, the video which shows Tiffany recording her narrating for Kim Dongwan’s 2nd album is available on the Internet portal Daum TV. Kim Dongwan would announce his Comeback on the 8th on MNet MCountdown.

Credits: YahooKr+Wenfany@SOSHIFIED for translation