Note: SM’s little announcement was somewhat dense in language so I might have messed it up a little, but I think the general message comes through. Enjoy.

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9 member girl group SNSD attended the proclamation event for the establishment of â??Girlâ??s Dayâ? and carried out a congratulatory performance.

Currently acting as the face and representatives of the Girl Scouts, SNSD plans to perform â??Girls’ Generationâ?? and â??Kissing Youâ?? on the 26th at 1:30 P.M. at the proclamation event for the establishment of â??Girls’ Dayâ? which will open at the Seoul Olympics Stadium.

On the 25th, SNSDâ??s agency SM Entertainment said â??The newly enacted â??Girls’ Dayâ?? that is starting from this year is an important effort to expand the nationâ??s empowerment of females. Also, [Girls’ Day was created to] promote the development of abilities and leadership capabilities of girls as future leaders in society who will take important rolesâ? and revealed that â??at this event 100 individuals from a citizenâ??s group that began the Korean Girls Scout Federation will attend.â?

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