SNSD’s Yoona has become a menstrual pad model.

Yoona has been picked by the Yejimiin (roughly translated to foreknowledge beauty) menstrual pad brand and has agreed to pursue promotion activities for a year. Previously, ‘Joomong’ heroine Han Hyejin has been the model for the brand.

The CF shooting, which has been taking place in Kyungkido for the past 2 days, differed from the usual emphasis on innocence and purity in female product advertisements, and instead followed a concept emphasizing a confident and active woman. In particular, Yoona showed off a cute and, of course, charismatic appearance that highlighted a diverse appeal, which garnered much praise from the production staff.

From the side of Yejimiin, they revealed that “We anticipate that Yoona’s pure and sophisticated image will help our product to appeal more strongly to customers in their 10 and 20s.”

One part of the advertisement will be broadcasted next month, and starting from the beginning of next month, Yoona will be starring in the daily drama titled ‘You Are My Destiny’ (KBS) as the lead female role.

credits: sleep @ soshified & via Soy