Note: Why? Because SNSD articles are hard to come by these days, and also because Sunny needs more love in general. Short but enjoy. :]

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On the recently started MBC Everyoneâ??s recording of â??Park Kyunglimâ??s Wonderful Outing Season 2,â?? in terms of girls dressed as guys, there was a popularity vote to choose the most liked and least liked members of SNSD.

MC Park Kyunglim asked Woo Sungmin, â??Which member do you like best in SNSD?â? Woo Sungmin answered hesitantly â?? Thatâ??s a very complicated question.â?

Woo Sungmin said that â??for me, first of all, the girl has to be short.â? Tiffany then whispered into Park Kyunglimâ??s ear saying that â??Sungmin likes a member among SNSD. That person is Sunnyâ? and that â??the reason is because Sunny is shorter than Woo Sungmin.â? After this Woo Sungmin laughed and nodded his head.

credits: sleep @ soshified & news n via