SNSD’s JeTiHyun “We are not a Unit”

SNSD’s Jessica, Tiffany and Seohyun explained that they are not a unit group

Jessica, Tiffany and Seohyun explained in a recent interview with NewsEn that “We are not a unit. If we were a unit, we would have released our own album and would be promoting it with like activities.”

Additionally, “We just sang ‘Bad Oppa” as SNSD members. We did not do it as a unit to cast off SNSD activities.”

“Bad Oppa” is one man producing group ‘Roommate’s first digital single where three members of SNSD sang in. After being released on the 7th, Bad Oppa quickly became number one on SK Telecom’s Top 100 Rington chart, securing SNSD’s popularity.

After this, fans gave Jessica, Tiffany and Seohyun the nickname “JeTiHyun” and mistook them to be a SNSD unit. Especially after SNSD concluded their first album activities, with certain members as singers, MCs, actors, all with different activities, the interest in their being a unit increased.

JeTiHyun said “We’ve showed our bright and cheerful dance music up to now. However, instead of our music, we’ve received more attention because of our image. Through “Bad Oppa” we wanted to show that we are more than just dance but we can also sing emotional ballads as well.”

Moreover, “We still had more we wanted to show after we ended our first album. This song was the result of that. We do not have any plans to officially do any activities to promote Bad Oppa. We do have plans to do a special performance like a special stage.”

Also “Of course, it’s exciting that just the three of us got to do an interview. The response was much more than we expected and we’re very happy. If the fans want it, we could do more promotional activities for “Bad Oppa”.

Lastly “In the future, we will show SNSD’s individual activities, with acting, DJ, and MC so each SNSD member can show their talents. We will continue to meet the fans through our music.”

credits to newsen and boxclub@soshified

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