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[Written by Newsenâ??s Kim HyungWoo reporter/Photo by Kang YooGyung Reporter]

4 songs finish 1st place on music charts in 8 months since debut, 100000 CDâ??s sold in just 5 months since debut.

That is the report card that the nationâ??s official younger sisters who has hit Korea with full force has received in less than 1 year since their debut.

From their debut with â??Into The New Worldâ? in August of last year to finishing the 1st album activities in April, SNSD has swept the music industry and the internet community for the past 8 months.

How do the 9 powerful members of SNSD who showed girl-power feel about finishing their 1st album promotion? I met with the â??Ice Princessâ? Jessica, â??Gemâ? Tiffany, and â??Maknaeâ? SeoHyun who has recently released â??Bad Oppaâ?.

The girls talk about the end of their 1st album promotion.

(Jessica) We ran for 8 months without a break. In other words, we spent it all with no regrets. There were hardship but it was filled with precious moments.

(SeoHyun) I am disappointed that we couldnâ??t show all the songs that were on the album. But I feel proud of the 8 months of active promotion.

The happiest moment, â??First ever 1st placeâ?? â?? The most difficult moment, â??Average 3 hours of sleep per dayâ??

(Tiffany) The hardest part was not being able to sleep and spending a normal day. But I was just as happy as we were busy due to the people who wanted more of us and loved us. I recently talked to my family on the phone (Tiffanyâ??s family currently resides in America) and my parents said, â??Everything is good as long as you are happyâ?. I am really happy because we get loved for what we love to do.

(SeoHyun) It has been such a great time. Each day went by too fast but now when I look back, I think it was well spent. I feel relieved to finish the 1st album promotion but I feel sad as well.

(Jessica) The most memorable moment is the first ever 1st place win. We also received the best new singer award… The 8 months has been nothing but impressive. Getting not enough sleep was the hardest part. When we were really busy, we had 5-6 events in one dayâ??s schedule. We had couple all-nighters too.

The difference between 8 months ago and now, â??Fansâ?? voices have gotten louderâ?

(SeoHyun) As each day went by, our fansâ?? voices kept getting louder. â??Into the new worldâ?? eraâ??s fans were mostly girls but out of nowhere, there was increase in male voices. (laughs)

(Tiffany) There were almost no fans that cheered for us in the beginning. The seats were filled with other male idol group fans. But the fan-made poster boards kept increasingâ?¦ and one day, we had the most fans in the seats. Especially for myself, since I am an MC of a music show, I was happy to see our song constantly staying in top 20.

SNSD vs. TaeYeonâ??s 1st place win battle, â??Proud of TaeYeonâ?

(Jessica) There was a time when TaeYeonâ??s â??Ifâ?? and SNSDâ??s â??Kissing Youâ?? were battling for 1st place. I was so proud and happy for TaeYeon. We were just as proud as if it was sung by all of us. She was the one to tell everyone that SNSD is a group of talent.

SNSD is the top idol? â??We are still far awayâ?

(SeoHyun) Being called the â??top idol groupâ?? is too much. We still have a long way to go. I feel embarrassed every time I hear such words.

(Tiffany) We recently had to travel to Jeju-Island for an event. TaeYeonâ??s â??Ifâ?? happen to be on the radio when we were in a taxi. We proudly asked the taxi driver if he knew who sang the song and he replied with â??I donâ??t knowâ?. We asked if he knew who Super Junior and Big Bang was and he said, â??Of course I knowâ?. Finally, we asked if he knew Girlsâ?? Generation, he said â??Girlsâ?? Generation? I know the song that Lee SeungChul sangâ?.

At that moment, all the members felt that we still have a long way to go. Jeju-Island gave us an another opportunity to make sure we try even harder. (laughs)

Proud of increasing attention to female idol groups

(Jessica) No one paid much attention to female idol groups at first. Idol groups were dominated mostly with boy bands. But I think our debut has increased their popularity and attention to female idol groups. We are still proud of the fact that we helped pave a way for female idol groups when we see them being active and doing well.

Overwhelming Uncle-fans, â??Never would have imaginedâ?

(Tiffany) I didnâ??t even dream about having so many uncle fans. They really give us a boost. If SNSD had one thing to show off, then it would be our broad fan base. I am proud.

(Jessica) I think itâ??s because there never were girls that were as cheerful and cute as us (laughs) and they probably enjoyed it since all 9 of us are just as good as each other. We donâ??t pretend or hide our true selves so I think that helped us to be even more lovable.

Unit promotion? â??We are not a unitâ?

(SeoHyun) Only 3 of us sang the song but we do not have a separate unit mentality. Itâ??s just that from all the members, this song really matched us (three). I hope you do not see us as a different unit.

(Tiffany) If we were an official unit, then we would have prepared way harder for our release. I see this chance as an opportunity to prove that SNSD members can sing too.

(Jessica) We have no plans to officially promote â??Bad Oppaâ??. It will probably be seen on special stages and such. But if there is a demand and if feedback is good, then perhaps I can see it going official in the future.

Future plans, â??Concentrate on individual work!â?

(Jessica) We finished the 1st album promotion but SNSD is not taking a break. Acting members will continue to act, DJâ??s and MCâ??s will keep on working hard. Of course, we will have some re-charging time and we are thinking about doing some studying as well.

Kim HyungWoo, [email protected]/ Kang YooGyung, [email protected]

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