Now SNSD will do separate activities!
Showing individuality through songs.. acting.. “Individual Generation”

Girl group SNSD will embark on individual activities.

SNSD members Jessica, Tiffany and Seohyun’s ballad “Bad Oppa” was revealed online on the 7th. This song was one-man producing group Roommate’s digital single and the SNSD members were guest singers.

Apart from the the three members’ one song, SNSD’s other members are also showing their individual activities.

Sooyoung and Yuri appear on KBS 2TV’s daily sitcom “Unstoppable Marriage” and Yoona will be on KBS’s daily drama “You are my Destiny.” Taeyeon reached the top of the charts with her solo song “If” from the OST of the KBS miniseries “Hong Gil Dong”.

SNSD’s company SM Entertainment said “This will show the members’ individual talents. Each member’s separate activities may be received positively, but this will not hinder SNSD’s activities as a group at all.”

credits to hankooki and boxclub @ soshified