OMG! I stayed up all night to watch this through direct tv, it’s 5 am right now and it was probably the coolest thing ever! SNSD performed last in this event (after Jang YoonJung) with the robots and everything! So after they performed I was kind of bummed because I thought that they weren’t going to show anymore SNSD afterwards, but what do you know? The PRESIDENT of Korea (Lee MyungPark) comes out with his wife and all of SNSD! So I was like holy shiz…!!!! And then they let TaeYeon and YoonA ask questions to the President! TaeYeon asked the president “Korea’s first astronaut, Lee SoHyun-ssi’s dream was to be a scientist, and I would like to know what your dream was when you were young” and YoonA asked him “what would you take out to space if you were one of the astronauts?” And afterwards, the rocket launched, and boy was I nervous! It was such an awesome moment as a fellow Korean citizen. Truly touching, and I think that our girls really are the future, and they’ll inspire millions of people! Let’s continue to support our girls even more into the future!!!!

Here are some Pictures:
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TaeYeon asking a question to the President

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YoonA asking a question to the President

Here’s the link for the Performance
And here’s the link where TaeYeon & YoonA ask questions to the President