Tiffany “I Don’t Bathe?!” Anger

SoNyuhShiDae member, Tiffany flared up during the filming of the broadcast of February 2nd’s episode of Star Golden Bell when she was bombarded with accusations of her bathing habits. (Tiffany has had to face accusations of “not bathing” since it came to light in the early months of SNSD’s debut that she disliked bathing.)

In this episode, Tiffany was voted “The Member With Highest Popularity Among SoNyuhShiDae”, which served to bolster her confidence ahead of the revelation of the next “title” to be handed out on the show, which was the title for “The Member Who Doesn’t Bathe In SoNyuhShiDae.”

Although this news seemed to shock many of the other participants on the show, the ever cheerful Tiffany (who already knew the answer and where this discussion was going to be headed) continued to adamantly deny the accusation with a shocked expression.

Other SoNyuhShiDae members, such as Yuri and Jessica jumped into this free-for-all of poking fun at Tiffany by making such comments as “[Before]Tiffany did not like to bathe…..but now she LOVES to bathe!” prompting much laughter in the studio.

The now frazzled Tiffany humorously, but also slightly angrily, proclaimed loudly: “Just say that you don’t like to bathe either!” to demonstrate her innocence. This only further encouraged and brought on more laughter from the studio.

Despite all these flying accusations about who loves to bathe or not in SoNyuhShiDae, Tiffany’s special smiling eyes and cute replies still made many more male fans fall head over heels in love with her in spite of the revelation of her bathing habits.

Credits: Newsen + Wenting@Soshified for translation + Tiffany(splotchydivinity) for Editing

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