Taeyeon burst into tears in Kim ShinYoung-Wu JiHyun’s vulgarities

Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon cried during the recording. Was it because they got the first place on the music show?
On Feb. 2nd, KBS 2TV’s show ‘Star Golden Bell”, Girls’ Generation’s member Taeyeon cried because of the exorbitant funs, consternation and vulgarities.
On that day, when Taeyeon’s watching Wu JiHyun-Park HwiSung in the “Detective Park JiIn” part, Kim ShinYoung-Kim TaeHyun’s vulgarities made her cry.
Artists all laughed because Wu JiHyun-Park HwiSung tickled Kim ShinYoung. Kim ShinYoung screamed because of the attacks. By looking at this situation, artists burst out laughing. But Taeyeon couldn’t help crying by exorbitant laughing.
Taeyeon who couldn’t help crying said hastily ‘Kim ShinYoung unnie is too poor…” That rebuilt the happy atmosphere of the studio.

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