Girls’ Generation Tenth Anniversary Project: #SONEPromise
Posted by moonrise31 on August 6th, 2017

Update on August 6th, 2017: It’s here: check out the #SONEPromise video celebrating Girls’ Generation’s tenth anniversary, compiled from all of the submissions we received. Each memory, sent by SONE from all over the world, has been fit to the lyrics of the song, “Promise”. Thank you again to everyone who decided to be a […]

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‘PROMISE’: For Girls’ Generation on Their 10th Anniversary
Posted by moonrise31 on August 5th, 2017

An acronym — and a song — that describes what Girls’ Generation is to SONE. PR.OM.I.SE PRoud. Fans, of course, have been saying it for days and weeks, months and years: “as expected”, “those are our girls”, “look how far they’ve come”. Because it’s all true — and then some. Today, we still recall some […]

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Girls’ Generation Releases Clean Version of ‘All Night’ Music Video
Posted by kt9823 on August 3rd, 2017

Update on August 5th, 2017: The clean version of the “All Night” music video has been released. Be sure to watch it below. Girls’ Generation’s “Holiday Night” album is available for streaming and purchase through various international music portals. Update on August 5th, 2017: The music video for “Holiday” and the documentary version of the […]

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‘(I Just Wanna) DANCE’: For Tiffany on Her 29th Birthday
Posted by moonrise31 on August 1st, 2017

D.A.N.C.E. An acronym that describes what Hwang Tiffany is to SONE. Daring. It takes a lot of guts to make it as an idol; it takes even more to travel across an ocean to do it. Regardless of what sacrifices she’s had to make, Tiffany has definitely made her mark just by bravery alone. And […]

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Jessica Reveals Music Video for ‘Summer Storm’
Posted by kt9823 on July 31st, 2017

Update on August 10th, 2017: On August 9th, Coridel Entertainment released the music video for Jessica’s comeback title track, “Summer Storm”. Jessica also wrote the lyrics for this song. Check out the music video below. Update on August 7th, 2017: On August 7th, the second teaser for Jessica’s “Summer Storm” was revealed by Coridel Entertainment. […]

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The Weekly Soshi News Wrap
Posted by moonrise31 on July 30th, 2017

Videos MBC Releases “The King in Love” Clips Featuring Yoona MBC’s has been uploading multiple clips from its show, “The King in Love”. The entire playlist of snippets from the first eight episodes of the program so far can be found on MBC’s drama YouTube channel. Others Sooyoung Uploads New Photo and Message onto SONE […]

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