sunny sign

An acronym that describes what Lee Sunny is to SONE.


Collected. One of Sunny’s strongest traits, perhaps, is how calm she is. Especially in an industry where far-flung dreams are the norm and emotions run higher than high, her level-headedness is something to be especially appreciated. Sunny is an anchor to the Girls’ Generation ship, keeping them from drifting too far, but willingly drawing back if the skies are clear, because, well — they’ve always got somewhere farther to go.


Ace. Sunny has shown again and again that she can do it all. K-Pop idol, musical actress, radio DJ, friend to cattle and catcher of chickens — she’s well-rounded in the best way possible. Maybe she’s not the first member people think of when vocals or dance or acting is mentioned, but that doesn’t mean that she doesn’t excel in all of those areas, and more. Sunny will always be one of the first to tackle something new, because she knows that she’ll be able to do it well, and that’s already recognition enough.

sunny ;)

Trust. Sunny has never been anything less than reliable, even against the tides of time. And that is a rare commodity, even in our day-to-day, more ordinary lives. But whether it’s trading banter with fans on Twitter and Instagram, or performing stage after incredible stage no matter her schedule, we don’t have to start expecting less than before. And the icing on the proverbial cake? We can have faith that this, without a doubt, will never change.

snsd sunny

Crazy. For all her practicality, Sunny knows how to have fun with the best of them. You can’t be part of the nation’s girl group, after all, without knowing how to let loose once in a while along the way. An energy pill doesn’t need to scream or jump in order to have a good time, because her members and fans alike appreciate her own brand of humor and silliness, and how it fuels our own days and makes them just a little bit brighter.

sunny v

Heart. For all of Sunny’s characteristics that distinguish her from the blur of talented faces in this world, the one underlying the rest is the most important: the way that she cares for her members, for the staff, and for SONE. It’s this that drives Sunny to embrace who she is, and in turn, embrace all of us, too: her genuine passion for what she does, as well as for those who have stood by her even after all this time — both on stage and in the rows and rows of audience seats bathed in the most brilliant pink glow.

Happy birthday, Sunny. Thank you for showing us that even if there are clouds, none of the light has actually disappeared.

sunny xP

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Written by: moonrise31@soshified

Originally published on May 15th, 2017.