An acronym — and a song — that describes what Im Yoona is to SONE.


Wide. In the way that she smiles, and also in the way that she welcomes everyone with open arms. The world is large, and Yoona knows it — so what else can she do but attempt to match its breadth as best as she can? And yes, in reaching for the best, running into potholes and rocky hills is inevitable. But all of those obstacles are still so insignificant compared to all of the sunshine and gentle breezes in between, and that’s what keeps Yoona laughing as grandly as she is, running headfirst into tomorrow while trying to sweep as much of it as close as possible.

Yoona Flawless Smiles

Actress. Any discussion on Yoona doesn’t seem complete without at least a mention of her filming achievements. She’s made a name for herself in commercials, dramas, and movies — even crossing national borders to film shows in a language other than her own. So with talent like this, the next logical question might be: who is the real Im Yoona?

Yoona, of course, quickly puts any doubts to rest. Because a good actress isn’t a person who makes the audience believe the character she’s playing is real, but is one who reminds us that as believable as the story may be, the person beneath it all will always stay true.


Loud. Girls’ Generation is nearing a decade together as a group, and each member has come such a long way from the starry-eyed youngsters first stepping into a new world in 2007. Back then, it was the Yoona who laughed with abandon and played pranks on her unnies, the Yoona who was pushed into the spotlight as the “face” of what would grow into an entity to represent the nation.

However, we don’t remember this Yoona because she is no longer here, but because she reminds us every day that she still is — a bit more mature, maybe, and with years of experience only a relentless industry can impart. And yet, she keeps the heart of that rambunctious teenager exactly as it was, more unafraid than ever to broadcast that same spirit to the entire globe.

yoona 2

Kind. It’s easy to withdraw while in this whirlwind of expectations that idols face, but Yoona’s true strength is that she can smile through it all and still remember the person she’s always been. The young girl (now young woman) who worked night after tireless night to get where she wanted to be, supported by family and friends — and eventually fans, soon appearing more quickly than days could pass.

Yoona is endlessly grateful for SONE, and has no problem returning that support nine times over, whether it’s at fansign events or through charity work, taking advantage of her influence to try and help make the lives of others just a little better.

Have an incredibly happy birthday, Yoona; and thank you for all the things.

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Written by: moonrise31@soshified

Originally published on May 30th, 2017.