sunny you are my sunshine

I’d like to start this off with a small astronomy reference — don’t worry, the lesson will be simple, seeing as I’m basing this entire analogy on a fact I learned in my 8th grade science class. But enough of a rambling introduction; let’s cut straight to the chase: her name. “Sunny”, of course, very easily hints at some sort of reference to the star at the center of our solar system. However, as brilliant and bright as she is (in all senses of those two words), I think we can go a little bit further.


Few of us have been fortunate enough to witness a full solar eclipse. But those who have can tell you that even in that darkest moment, when the sun seems fully covered, something still manages to shine through, just as brightly, just as brilliantly: the corona, a circle of light that is always there, just on the edge of the sun’s visible rays, but unseen until the star it surrounds has been removed temporarily from the equation. Now, throw away some of the scientific details and add in a lot of poetic license, and Sunny is that corona.

sunny wow

Sunny is the quiet support that makes the sun shine brighter without anyone even realizing that she’s doing so in the first place. Although, we’ve really known it from the beginning, if we look back on it. We’ve called her the “energy pill” since debut, because of her endless enthusiasm and happiness, sure, but more importantly because she is so incredibly willing to share what she has with everyone around her. Indeed, she is a “vitamin”: something that strengthens, revitalizes, and otherwise supports a healthy body.


Because that’s what Girls’ Generation is, isn’t it? An amazing and complex combination of different beings that work and live together to create something better than average, better than good, and even better than great. But Girls’ Generation is not a machine, and it is not without its flaws. So what makes the group successful is not only the different parts focusing on their skills, but also every individual using her skills to boost the others up, filling in any cracks that appear. And that’s what Sunny does the best.

sunny asdf that eye smile

Thank you, Sunny, for being the constant quiet support behind your members. Everyone, SONEs included, can feel the silent, yet entirely present, confidence you have not only in yourself, but also in the others around you. It shows in your every step (resonating each stage you walk on), your every word on Instagram (late nights spent reminding fans that you will never forget us), and your every smile (each one perhaps softer than the ones that others might flash, but not one of yours is an iota less bright).

So here’s to you, Sunny, and having a happy, happy birthday. Because just as you have supported us, the least we can do is offer the same support to you. We hope that you will continue to shine for many, many years to come.

sunny thumbs up

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Written by: moonrise31@soshified

Originally posted on May 15th, 2016.