An acronym that describes what Hwang Tiffany is to SONE.

Daring. It takes a lot of guts to make it as an idol; it takes even more to travel across an ocean to do it. Regardless of what sacrifices she’s had to make, Tiffany has definitely made her mark just by bravery alone. And yet, while she’s never afraid to dive in headfirst into the unknown, that doesn’t mean that she’s reckless, either. She accepts herself and her limits, already knows exactly how far she can push and when.

This characteristic, the trust she has in herself to go where she hasn’t gone before, is what makes Tiffany a headstrong trailblazer: someone who can tell which paths are surmountable, and makes sure to pave them well so that others can follow.

tiffany nice

Angel. When Tiffany is around, it’s hard to remember that such a thing as falseness exists. No matter what some may say, there is an air of genuineness about her that can be felt even through something as impersonal as a television screen or as fleeting as an Instagram story. We know it through how she treats every single person around her: on or off stage, member or fan, staff or stranger.

Tiffany is nothing if not kind. Her selflessness is one that arises from a desire for those around her to be better off, without a second thought about how she herself will fare (even under the eye of the public). It’s also the reason why many wish she could be a bit more selfish instead. But while no one but Tiffany can decide exactly to whom or how she dedicates herself, we can all definitely appreciate the smile she never hesitates to give, regardless.

tiffany wOwow

Nonetheless. Time and time again, Tiffany has beaten the odds: fumbling with a new country, a new language, a new culture, knowing that those she so desperately needs to impress would only care to glance over when she’s made the tiniest of slips. By all rights, Tiffany could have decided that enough was enough at any point, turning back the way she’d come instead of jumping into the teetering rollercoaster car — one that could carry her safely along the crest of all Hallyu as easily as it could plummet her to her doom.

And yet, despite so many things — perhaps despite almost everything — Tiffany stayed. She buckled herself in for the ride, gripped the sides until her knuckles turned white, and steered herself to where most can only dream of going. She’s been on countless programs, dazzled in musicals, emceed events on both sides of the Pacific. She’s had singles, an album, and an incredibly successful solo career. Now, no one can argue that Tiffany isn’t more than able to hold her own, despite every bump and rattle in the track that’s tried to throw her off the ride she’s ever so determined to complete.

tiffany ethereal

Charm. Take one look at Tiffany’s smile and any other words will fail to appear. Tiffany just cares, pulling anyone in and making them feel as if they have finally returned home. It’s a hug, in the simplest of terms, and one that doesn’t have to be physical. Instead, it’s the way she makes eye contact, how she nods and listens and maybe even remembers despite the thousands of similar conversations she must have been a part of by now.

Her manner isn’t accommodating or forced, but natural in a way that can draw anyone in just as much as she is drawn to anyone — and if one party gets a little more starstruck than the other, well: we wouldn’t want to avoid it even if we could, now would we?

tiffany teehee

Excellence. No matter what, Tiffany pushes for what’s above the best. It’s this drive that brought her to where she is now, from a teenager in southern California entertaining a far-flung dream to a woman recognized around the world for doing something that she’s always loved. The key to staying ahead is to prefer taking just another step, reaching even just another inch, over deciding that the clouds are already high enough. Because in the end, who can say what’s after the world? Or the universe? Whatever the answer may be, Tiffany will find it one day, and then plunge yet farther forward — after all, why would she ever have reason to stop?

Have an incredible birthday, Tiffany. Here’s hoping that the happiness you feel today can reach even a fraction of the amount we wish for you on any other.

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Written by: moonrise31@soshified

Originally posted on August 1st, 2017.