seohyun spao

An acronym — and a song — that describes what Seo Juhyun is to SONE.


Honest. From the day she unabashedly declared that their rice cooker was the one that made the rice in Girls’ Generation’s dorm, it’s been obvious that one of Seohyun’s consistent qualities is how genuine she is. She smiles for SONE and her members and her family, unwavering, but can’t stop the tears from flowing when her heart has taken a beating in the worst of ways.

Of course, she tries to filter herself somewhat, to pick out the best of what she’s feeling to showcase to the public — because there are those who are always looking for any tiny crack, and others who worry even when we know there’s nothing else that can be done. Nevertheless, in the end, Seohyun wears her feelings on her sleeve, eyes shining but never too brightly: an earnest eagerness we first caught a glimpse of as it launched a paper airplane from some Seoul rooftop back in 2007.

seohyun warm and cozy

Elegant. Seohyun has always been a force on stage — perhaps not powerful or impressive in an upfront manner like some of the other members are more well known for; but she’s always had a quiet, mature strength in her movements and voice that remains unique even outside of Girls’ Generation. Whether it’s sitting taller than her peers in class, gliding fingers gracefully over piano keys both on stage and in the practice room, or simply walking outside of an airport fresh off of an international flight, Seohyun never fails to bring an air of poise and calm — at least, until she drops the glass fish she’d been trying to prank Tiffany with (but hey, she’s allowed to have her imperfect moments, if only because they somehow make her even more perfect in the end).

seohyun too cool

Loving. After being placed in a group that proudly announced her as the “maknae on top”, and with fans from all around the world turning out in the thousands to attend every concert and event, it’s a wonder that Seohyun is still somehow able to give more affection than she receives. We see, time after time, that she cares for everyone she meets, even without the guarantee that they will ever reciprocate. After all, why waste energy on feeling bad, especially towards others? It’s this straightforward way of making the world a better place (as only one person can) that warms the hearts of those Seohyun hasn’t even met — just yet, anyway.

seohyun hearteu

Light. Seohyun has always had high aspirations for role models — if she’s going to aim high, might as well look towards the Secretary General of the United Nations, right? But Seohyun herself has also become a role model to many, if only for her persistence in reaching her goals above all else: debuting before she had finished high school and earning her university degree in the midst of a flurry of Girls’ Generation’s activities, for example.

Let’s also not forget: she shone as a mentor on “Girls’ Generation and Dangerous Boys”, and sparks a sense of civic duty by simply reminding Korean fans about the importance of voting. And of course, her solemn declaration about exactly how unhealthy hamburgers can be will always be one for the history books. She’s the type of role model that influences those around her even when she doesn’t mean to; just as she referred to “KCON LA”, Seohyun is definitely “lit” in all the best ways.

seohyun is lit

Outstanding. Without a doubt, Seohyun stands out, above, and beyond. A personality, drive, and all-around presence that can’t be overlooked in K-Pop, and quickly spreading her wings for takeoff in other areas of the entertainment industry, Seohyun has only just begun to show us all that she can be. Forever Girls’ Generation’s youngest, she will continue to bloom in the way only she can, until the smiles of her unnies and SONE alike finally reach their limits (and even as she surpasses hers).

Happy birthday, Seohyun. Even as you push for the stars, we already know that you’ll shoot on past and land where no else has been.

seohyun that smile

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Written by: moonrise31@soshified

Originally posted on June 28th, 2017.