An acronym that describes what Kim Hyoyeon is to SONE.

G.E.T. U.P.

Genuine. In a business that’s built on manufactured images and hiding behind layers upon layers, it’s common knowledge that most of the time, we’re only shown whatever has been chosen for us to see.

And yet, Hyoyeon seems to pay little attention to what she should and shouldn’t do or say, instead bypassing any filter and restraint on her way to wherever she wants to go. So while usually the most we can expect are glimpses or lingering glances into the thoughts and true personalities behind each image, Hyoyeon shatters the glass and shows us that there was nothing to hide in the first place.

hyoyeon smile

Everything. Hyoyeon approaches life with the idea that if she doesn’t invest every single bit of herself, there’s no point in even trying at all to begin with. It’s not a unique philosophy by any means, but not many can implement it in the way Hyoyeon does.

We see it when she dances, of course, but the other fruits of her efforts are no less important: her “Hyo Style” photobook, her OnStyle variety show, her collaborations with Younique Unit and TripleT, as well as her solo tracks — to name a few. Clearly, Hyoyeon can really do anything she’s decided to put her mind to.

hyoyeon wannabe

Torrential. Most of us are familiar with the saying about taking something “by storm”, and Hyoyeon is the personification of that. Her undeniable aura rips through every stage she stands on — so incredibly powerful that we can feel it from across oceans and through computer screens.

Even when she isn’t performing, Hyoyeon doesn’t have to speak to make her presence known; she’s the sort of quiet force that occasionally explodes on the scene with a random joke or humorously timed comment, one that leaves everyone within earshot rolling on the floor as they desperately try to hold in their laughter. And in the end, they might leave a little bit winded, but in the best breathtaking way possible.

hyoyeon hit-the-stage

Unpredictable. We know that Hyoyeon will never disappoint in whatever she does, but no one can say with certainty exactly where she’ll turn next. One of the benefits of being talented in multiple areas is that she can pursue any of them as far as she’d like.

Hyoyeon continually surprises us at each turn, much like the dance break that dropped Kim Hyoyeon into the spotlight: a freshness that helped the “Into the New World” music video rise even further above the rest. We know now that we can only expect the unexpected, and Hyoyeon will always be sure to deliver.

hyoyeon sure

Proud. There’s a difference between boasting about and embracing your achievements, and Hyoyeon stands gracefully in the latter category. She isn’t afraid to be confident: she knows what she’s capable of, and isn’t afraid to prove any of it.

During her debut days, she’d mentioned that she often thought of herself as Beyonce before she went on stage. But now, Hyoyeon is the idol that others look up to, with her own presence and talent that is utterly undeniable — it’s something that she humbly acknowledges, even while working to push herself even farther.

Happy birthday, Kim Hyoyeon. We know that even as high as you stand, there are still places yet higher to be, and you’re ready to lead us even further beyond.

Hyoyeon v

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Written by: moonrise31@soshified

Originally posted on September 22, 2017.