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Update on April 19th, 2018:

Last night, the music video for Hyoyeon’s “Sober” was revealed on S.M. Entertainment’s YouTube channel. Check out the music video below. The single is also available on iTunes, Spotify, Melon, genie, and Naver Music.

Update on April 13th, 2018:

After Hyoyeon unveiled her new Twitter account and teaser for her upcoming “DJ Hyo” project, S.M. Entertainment announced the official release date of her single, “Sober”, for April 18th. S.M. Entertainment also created an official website for the comeback.

Stay tuned to Soshified for more details as Hyoyeon makes her debut as “DJ Hyo” and releases her second song since “Wannabe“.

Original article written on April 12th, 2018:

On April 12th, Hyoyeon revealed through her Instagram story that she was preparing to open a public Twitter account. Her subsequent first tweet was a teaser for her upcoming “DJ Hyo” project, which the Girls’ Generation official Twitter account also posted about a few hours prior.

Afterwards, Hyoyeon tweeted, “Twitter friends, hi~>,< I'm thinking of sharing a lot of spoilers through Twitter Twitter friends, let's see each other through Live soon Ttho-one (Translator’s note: SONE), sleep well Good Night”.

She then posted a few pictures to say good night, commented that her company would probably scold her for staying up late trying to figure out Twitter, and then bid fans good night one more time.

Be sure to follow Hyoyeon on Twitter for more updates.

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