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Update on August 6th, 2017:

It’s here: check out the #SONEPromise video celebrating Girls’ Generation’s tenth anniversary, compiled from all of the submissions we received. Each memory, sent by SONE from all over the world, has been fit to the lyrics of the song, “Promise”.

Thank you again to everyone who decided to be a part of this project, and thank you again to Girls’ Generation for ten wonderful years.

Original announcement from May 3rd, 2017:

To celebrate ten years with Girls’ Generation, Soshified is putting together a special project: #SONEPromise. This is an opportunity for SONE from around the globe to share how being Girls’ Generation fans has shaped our lives, and how we will continue to support the girls we love.

Soshified is requesting photo submissions in order to put together a celebratory video for the upcoming anniversary. The picture could represent your fondest memory as a SONE: attending a concert, meeting new people, or staying up way past your bedtime to catch a comeback performance, are just a few examples. Alternatively, you can submit photos of yourself “then” and “now”: when you first became a fan compared to you as a fan in present day.

The video will be set to a piano cover of “Promise” from the “I Got A Boy” album. So, along with the photo, Soshified would like you to include a one-line message related to the lyrics of “Promise”.

The deadline for submissions is May 31st, at 11 PM KST.

Submission instructions and more detailed guidelines can be found in Soshified’s Forums, so please head over there if you would like to participate in this project. Let’s make #SONEPromise yet another unforgettable Girls’ Generation experience!