Good night ! ❤️

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Sunny recently posted three videos on Instagram and began interacting with fans in the comments section of each one. Using a reputable and professional translation provider, you can see the translations in hangul, underneath the comments written in italics.

Sunny: Good night ! <3

Sunny: 좋은밤되세양
(Have a good night)

Sunny: 보고싶엉
(I want to see you)

Sunny: 티켓팅잘해떰?!
(Did ticketing go well?!)

Sunny: 저런…
(Oh no…)

Sunny: 반반이넴. 성공반 광탈반… 난 양념반 후라이드반…
(It’s half-half. Half successful, half unsuccessful… For me, half marinated, half fried…)
Translator’s note: Sunny is referring to how she likes her fried chicken.

Sunny: 배부른데도 치킨은 진리얌
(My stomach is full, but chicken is the truth)

Sunny: 난 콘서트를 하잖아 보는게 아니라ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 나도 소시콘 보고싶다!!!!!!!!!
(I’m performing in the concert, not watching, hehehehe. I want to watch Soshi con too!!!!!!!!)

Sunny: 난 퍽퍽살 좋아함 단백해서 매우 좋음 닭다리 시졍
(I like [chicken] breast. I like it a lot because of the protein. I don’t like chicken legs.)

Sunny: 우걱우걱 소금이 밥 먹는다
(Munch, munch, Sogeum is eating food)
Editor’s note: Sogeum is Sunny’s cat.

Sunny: 소금이는 카메라를 싫어하지…
(Sogeum doesn’t like the camera…)

Sunny: 설탕이 즈그 엄마 만나러 본집 가심. 장난끼가 거의 짱구급.
(Sultang went to her house to meet her mom. Her playfulness is almost Jjanggu-level. )
Notes: Sultang is one of Sunny’s sister’s cats, referenced the last time Sunny replied to Instagram comments. “Jjanggu” is the name of a silly cartoon character.

Sunny: 소금양 이젠 내 옆에서 그루밍 하심… 내 화장도 그루밍으로 지워주셨으면 좋겠다…..
(Miss Sogeum is grooming beside me right now… I wish she could erase my makeup for me by grooming…..)

따님 이시간에 꽃단장 하셔서 어따 쓰시게요?!…

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Sunny: 따님 이시간에 꽃단장 하셔서 어따 쓰시게요?!…
(Daughter, if you are primping yourself at this hour, where are you going to use it?!…)

Sunny: 녜녜 제가 냥불출입니다 녜녜
(Yes yes, I am a cat lady, yes yes)
Translator’s note: The direct translation is “cat keeper”, meaning someone who stays at home with their cat.

Sunny: 냥불출이라 최셩합니다
(I’m sorry I’m a cat lady)

Sunny: 소금이는 카메라 앞에서만 도도합니다
(Sogeum is only haughty in front of the camera)

Sunny: 내게는 애교덩어리
([She’s a] bundle of aegyo to me)

Sunny: 근데 뽀뽀는 여전히 불호.
(But she still dislikes kisses.)

뽀뽀는 기습적으로 해야합니다.

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Sunny: 뽀뽀는 기습적으로 해야합니다.
(A kiss has to be like an ambush.)

Sunny: 고롱고롱 소리에 잠이 솔솔솔
(At the “purr purr” sound, drifting slowly to sleep)

Sunny: 슈퍼스타 소금님 피곤하시답니다
(Superstar Sogeum-nim is tired)

Sunny: 소금님은 이집사의 뽀뽀가 매우 지겨운듯. 서럽. 순무륵
(Sogeum-nim seems to be very bored by this butler’s kisses. Sad. Sad Soon.)

Sunny: 들이대 들이대 으아 마구 들이대
(Attack attack ahhh attack all you want)

Sunny: 이집사는 밀고 당기기에 고장난 자입니다. 밀당고자.
(This butler has been broken by the push and pull. MilDangGoJa.)
Translator’s note: “MilDangGoJa” is the Korean acronym for “person broken by the push and pull”.

Sunny: 별뜻은 아니고 그냥 줄임말 입니다만..?!
(It doesn’t mean much, it’s just a shortened word…?! )

Sunny: 왜뭐왜
(Why what why)

Sunny: 당당
(Boom boom)

Sunny: 변태소원. 변소.
(Byuntae SONE. ByunSo. )

Sunny: 뭐왜뭐
(Why what why)

Sunny: 당당
(Boom boom)

Sunny: 콜록콜록순수콜록고만해콜록콜록
(cough cough SoonSoo cough cough Stop it cough cough)

Sunny: 박효민드루가 @hyominnn 에비!!!!
(Park Hyomin, go back inside @hyominnn Shoo!!!!)
Editor’s note: Hyomin is a member of T-ARA.

Sunny: 배불러서 잠이 안와 헉헉
(I can’t sleep because my stomach is full wah wah)

Sunny: 햄버거 먹었는뒈 !!!
(I ate a hamburger!!!)

Sunny: 참고로 감자튀김을 두봉지 먹었습니다
(To note: I ate two bags of French fries)

Sunny: 살들이 몰려오는 소리가 들린다… 뒤룩뒤룩
(I can hear the sound of fat rushing in…. Getting fat, getting fat)

Sunny: 뚱규 고마해 노잼 핵노잼 재훈재훈 저사람 왜저래?!
(Stop it with “Ddoongkyu”, not funny, seriously not funny, why is that person like that?!)
Translator’s note: “Ddoong-bbo” is a Korean equivalent of “fatty”, so “Ddoongkyu” is a combination of “fatty” and “Soonkyu”, Sunny’s Korean name. She first addressed this nickname last week.

Sunny: 각종 버거 브랜드들이 총출동하고 있습니다.
(Various burger brands are all mobilizing.)

Sunny: 헐 버거킹 그냥 와퍼 먹어뜸. 맞춘 사람 이뜸. 소오름…
(Heol, I ate a regular Whopper from Burger King. There is a person who guessed right. Goosebumps…)

Sunny: 감튀는 롯데리아 양념감자 핵맛
(Of all the French fries, Lotteria’s spiced potatoes are so good)

Sunny: 또는 파파이스 감튀.. 근데 이제 파파이스 찾아보기 힘듦… 순무룩
(Or Popeye’s French fries… But now it’s hard to find Popeyes… Sad Soon.)

Sunny: 구너인스타에 악플달고오기 후다닥
(Quickly leave a mean comment on Gunu’s Insta)
Translator’s note: “Gunu” probably refers to Yuri.

Sunny: 두이 역변설이 사실인가요?
(Is it true that DooE is aging?)
Editor’s note: DooE is one of Yuri’s dogs. This was Sunny’s comment on Yuri’s Instagram post.

Sunny: 두근두근 걸릴까봐 두근
(Thump thump that I’ll get caught thump)

Sunny: 참고로 롯데리아 양념감자는 네가지 맛이 있습니다. 저는 어느 하나 포기 못해 네개를 하나씩 시키고 모조리 먹은뒤 손가락까지 쪽쪽 빨아먹고 후식으로 후회를 먹습니다.
(To note: there are four flavors of spiced potatoes at Lotteria. I can’t give any one of them up so I order all four, one of each, eat it all, lick my fingers, and as dessert, I eat regret.)

Sunny: 뱃살은 덤
(Stomach fat is dumb)

Sunny: 레드벨벳이 부릅니다 덤덤. 덤덤덤덤덤덤덤덤덤덤덤덤덤
(Red Velvet sings it, Dumb Dumb. Dumb dumb dumb dumb dumb dumb dumb dumb dumb dumb dumb dumb dumb )
Editor’s note: Sunny is referring to Red Velvet’s latest single, “Dumb Dumb”.

Sunny: 덕후라뇨 부장님이라뇨
(What do you mean “maniac”? What do you mean “manager”?)

Sunny: 자네 웃음에 영혼이 없군?!
(Buddy, there is no soul in your laughter?!)

Sunny: 이보게 자네. 내가 재미난 유우머 하나 해줄까?!
(Look here, buddy. Should I tell you a funny joke?!)

Sunny: 자네. 인천 앞바다의 반댓말이 뭔지 아나?
(Buddy. Do you know what the opposite word for the Incheon oceanfront is?)

Sunny: 인천엄마다!!!!! 푸하하하하하하하하하하하하하 아이고 배야!!!!!
(It’s Incheon Mom!!!!! Puhahahahahahahahahahahaha. Aigoo, my stomach!!!!! )
Translator’s note: “인천 앞바다” (Incheon oceanfront) sounds like “It’s Incheon Dad” in Korean.

Sunny: 자네 표정이 왜그런가?
(Why is your expression like that?)

Sunny: 야근할까?
(Should I work overnight?)

Sunny: 퇴근하게 흠!!!!!
(So I can leave work, hmph!!!!!)

Sunny: 이런 개그한
(This gag)

Sunny: 제가 잘못했습니다
(I’ve sinned)

Sunny: 자 이제 과거는 잊으시고
(Yes, now let’s forget the past)

Sunny: 자라

Sunny: 뭐왜뭐 이부장님 다녀갔어?! 시치미
(Why what why, did Manager Lee come and go?! I don’t know)

Sunny: 절레절레
(Shakes head, shakes head)

Sunny: 그랬구나 부장님이 그런 유우머를 또 흩날리고 가셨구나… 저런저런…
(Oh, that’s what happened. Manager left that kind of humor and left…. Oh no oh no…)

Sunny: 자자 새날이다
(Sleep, sleep. It’s a new day)

Sunny: 헐 개꿀팁 얻어감
(Heol, I’m taking a very good tip)

Sunny: 녜녜 제가 감튀덕후입니다
(Yes, yes, I am a French fries maniac)

Sunny: 꿀팁감사
(Thank you for the good tip)

Sunny: 웨지는 사워크림이 제맛
(Wedges go well with sour cream)

Sunny: 침고여
(I’m drooling)

Sunny: 감자 삶을때 꿀가루 넣으면 꿀맛. 말그대로 꿀맛.
(When you boil potatoes, if you put in honey powder, it’s a honey taste. Like the words say, “honey taste”.)
Translator’s note: In Korean, “honey taste” is a term used to mean “delicious”.

Sunny: 꿀가루 요즘은 잘 안 보이는데.. 한번 보일때 사재기 해두면 물에도 타먹고 감자 옥수수 삶아먹을때도 쓰고… 뭐 그러함.
(Honey powder is difficult to spot these days… But if I see it, I buy it so I can mix it in with water or use it when I boil potatoes or corn… like that.)

Sunny: 고구마는 호박고구 호박고구
(Sweet potatoes are pumpkin sweet potatoes, pumpkin sweet potatoes)

Sunny: 소금시
(Sogeum time)

Sunny: 식신 하다하다 사진도 먹나요?! 왼쪽 위에 한입 하셨네요.
(I know you’re a Shikshin, but do you eat photos too?! You took a bite out of the top left.)
Editor’s note: This was Sunny’s comment on Sooyoung’s Instagram post.

Sunny: 이구역의 악플러는 나야 다비켜
(This area’s mean commenter is me, step aside everyone)
Editor’s note: This was another of Sunny’s comments on Sooyoung’s Instagram.

Sunny: 아 적절한 악플이었어.. 뿌듯
(Ah, it was an appropriate mean comment… proud)

Sunny: 녜녜 제가 바로 내일이 없는자 입니다. 채소 하루살이.
(Yes yes, I’m a person who has no work tomorrow. Vegetable mayfly.)

Sunny: 왜 안 자 나 요
(Why aren’t you sleeping)

Sunny: 휴.. 다들 나에게 빠졌군 절레절레
(Whew… Everyone has fallen for me, shakes head, shakes head)

Sunny: 노답
(No response)

Sunny: 핵노답
(Seriously no response)

Sunny: 아라써 재워줄께
(Okay, I will put you to sleep)

Sunny: 이간호사 여기 마취총 가져와
(Nurse Lee, bring an anesthetic gun over here)

Sunny: 여러개가 필요하겠어…
(I need several…)

Sunny: 규렌다 불러와쪙
(I called Kyu-renda)
Translator’s note: Brenda is the character Sunny played in the musical, “Catch Me If You Can“.

Sunny: 프랭크 여기 이상한 환자들이 많~아요
(Frank, there are ma~ ny strange patients here)
Translator’s note: Frank is another character from “Catch Me If You Can”.
Sunny: 규랜다 저리가 너 뚠뚜냬
(Kyu-renda, go away. You’re chubby. )

Sunny: 캐시!!!!캐씨!!!!!!!!!
(Kathy!!!! Kathy!!!!!!!)
Translator’s note: Kathy is a character Sunny played in the musical, “Singin’ in the Rain“.

Sunny: 캐시는 탭댄스를 남기고 떠났습니다
(Kathy has left, leaving behind a tap dance)

Sunny: 자 밤이 어두워졌습니다 모두 엎드려주세요
(Now, the night has become dark. Everyone lower yourselves.)
Editor’s note: In this comment and the following three, Sunny is referring to the game, “Mafia“.

Sunny: 마피아들은 고개를 들어 서로를 확인해주세요
(Mafia, raise your head and confirm one another)

Sunny: 아침이 밝았습니다 모두 일어나주세요
(It is morning. Everyone wake up.)

Sunny: 써니씨는 죽었습니다. 게임끗
(Sunny is dead. Game over)

Sunny: 이제진짜자자
(Now really, let’s sleep)

Sunny: 다들 잘자양 저도 이만 소금이랑 코 잘께양
(Sleep well, everyone. I will sleep now with Sogeum.)

Sunny: 잘자
(Sleep well)

Sunny: 내꿈꿔
(Dream of me)

Sunny: 무운을빈다. 찡끗.
(I’ll pray for your good fortune. Wink.)

Sunny: 사랑해
(Love you)

Sunny: Love u

Sunny: 사랑해
(Love you)

Sources: Sunny’s Instagram, SNSDTV 1, SNSDTV 2, SNSDTV 3
Translated by: SonexStella@soshified
Edited by: moonrise31@soshified

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