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As years pass, we continue to appreciate how much time we’ve spent watching this young girl grow and mature into the wise multi-talented woman she is today. Although she debuted with an aegyo concept, throughout the years, she has shown us the variety of skills she possesses and how warm of a heart she truly has. While she may not be as popular or well-noticed as the other members, she is just as special to SONEs’ hearts.

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Despite being well-known for her bright and bubbly attitude and killer aegyo, it’s rare to see Sunny express her true emotions. But one thing for sure is that she loves interacting and connecting with fans worldwide, and through her Twitter and Instagram accounts, she proves once again just how much she cares for and loves us, her fans. Sunny often stands up to protect those she loves, protecting and comforting not only her fellow members but us fans as well. Though the scandals, hardships, and discrimination she has received over the years will constantly be present, she has the courage and bravery to take action and speak her mind, whether it concerns Girls’ Generation or SONEs.

As much as she cares for her members and us fans, we have also seen her grow as an individual as she branches out from the typical idol image. She has been many things within these past eight years, ranging from radio DJ to actress. It is as if she has the talent of being successful no matter what she does. The impact she has on viewers when given the chance can make anyone in a bad mood laugh like there’s no tomorrow. She even earned the nickname “Gag-dol” (and caught a chicken with her bare hands more than once) while on “Invincible Youth”, and it’s no surprise as to why she has become a fan favorite when it comes to putting a smile on our faces. With her endless talents and bright demeanor, it’s no wonder why she is our one and only energy pill.

Her image may be all aegyo, but with her ability to adapt and take on concepts as if they were her own, she has shown numerous times before that she is much more than just cute. Sunny has often performed to songs that are just the opposite. She is often included in special dance performances such as the group’s performance on “Star Dance Battle”, where five of the members, including Sunny, performed Super Junior’s “Sorry Sorry”, as well as Michael Jackson’s “Smooth Criminal”. Sunny has also shown just how sexy she can be through her solo performances of Britney Spears’s “Three” and fellow idol Ga-in’s song “Bloom”. She proves how versatile she can be with flawless performances of concepts that are the opposite of her image.

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No matter what she does, the amount of effort can be seen; she is able to put a smile on our faces, make us laugh, and constantly amaze us with all of the things she can and will accomplish in the near future. She may have a small stature, but she stands as tall as a mountain and has strength like no other. She is a motherly figure, the backbone of Girls’ Generation, the wall that protects both Girls’ Generation and SONEs from harm’s way. So to the birthday girl who we’ve all come to love and adore, we wish you another spectacular 26th birthday, and many more to come!

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Written by: SunnyStawr@soshified