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Sunny has been selected to be a model for the clothing brand “allo&lugh” as part of Zerotoseven’s “Love is Fun” campaign. Sunny will be working with Chu Sarang and Chu Seonghun, the daughter and father whom several Girls’ Generation members met during their visit to the show, KBS2’s “The Return of Superman”. B1A4’s Baro was also chosen as a model for the campaign.

“Love T-Shirts” will be sold for “Love is Fun”, and part of the resulting profits will be donated to the Korea National Red Cross. The t-shirts come in ten different graphic designs, and striped, half-sleeved t-shirts for both men and women, so there’s a shirt for everyone in the family.

According to one representative of allo&lugh, “This ‘Love is Fun’ campaign isn’t just simply buying the t-shirts, but for families to be able to share their love and also get the satisfaction of donating. ‘allo&lugh’ will continue to do various events in the future that allow people to share their love.”

In a video for “Love is Fun”, Sunny says, “Hello, I’m Girls’ Generation’s Sunny. We need everyone’s participation, interest, and love together with allo&lugh’s love donation.” Check out more videos and information about the “Love is Fun” campaign on its mobile site, and watch Sunny’s clip below.

Sources: Daum, [email protected]
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