Update on March 19th, 2014:

Earlier today, Sooyoung posted several additional replies in the comments section of this photo. The comments and translations are seen after her first set from March 18th.

Original article from March 18th, 2014:

Yesterday evening, Sooyoung posted two photos on her Instagram account, and in the comments section of the second, asked fans for instructions on how to type in a heart emoticon (which she had also asked on the comments section of a post on Taeyeon’s Instagram several days ago). Her photo included a caption, which read, “When you think of bangs, you think of Gong Minyoung #Gonggitdol”. Gong Minyoung was Sooyoung’s character in “Dating Agency; Cyrano” and was nicknamed “Gonggitdol”. Seen below are Sooyoung’s replies related to learning to input emoticons and translations.

Sooyoung: @loveall0828 하트오떠케하는고냐고…..
(@loveall0828 How do you send a heart emoticon…..)

Sooyoung: @eggplantx2 부럽다…..
(@eggplantx2 I’m jealous…..)

Sooyoung: @thdnjs9 그게옵더고구니깐 ㅜㅜㅠ
(@thdnjs9 I don’t have that ㅜㅜㅠ)

Sooyoung: @jinsun_11 오엇!!!!!!!!!!땡큐ㅜㅜㅜㅜ
(@jinsun_11 Oh whoa!!!!!!! Thank youㅜㅜㅜㅜ)

Sooyoung: 쫌만자세히알려줄래요?ㅜㅜ 키보드추가 들어갓더니 아랍어 하와이어 타밀문자 터키어 티베트어
(Could you please explain it a little more?ㅜㅜ I went into keyboard settings and I only see Arabic, Hawaiian, Tamil, Turkish, and Tibetan)

Sooyoung: @lovetaeyeons2 어디????
(@lovetaeyeons2 Where????)

Sooyoung: 그니깐.. 키보드추가에.. 이모티콘이업다니깐요………………..?!?!?! 아아아아아아아아ㅏ앙ㅇ악
(That’s what I’m saying.. I’m in the keyboard settings.. There’s no emoticons………………..?!?!?! Ahahahahah ang ack)

Sooyoung: 제대로찾아보지도안코미안
(I didn’t even look properly, I’m sorry)

Sooyoung: 소원사랑해
(I love you, SONEs)

Editor’s note: Limitations of the Soshified portal prevent showing emoticons, but in her final comment, Sooyoung includes multiple hearts after saying “I love you, SONEs”.


Update on March 19th, 2014:

Sooyoung: @sh11369 오마이갓..ㅎ 아직도오해하는 분들이계시네요..ㅎㅎ 그때 제기억으론 예술에대한 고찰? 그런게 주제였는데 끝까지읽어보시면 왜 아이돌이 예술가라는 칭호를 얻을수없는지 왜 다를수밖에없는지에 대해 쓴 글입니다.. 어떻게 같은급이겠습니까.. 저또한 그선수의 엄청난 팬이에요 ㅎㅎ 방송에서찍어갈줄도몰랐고.. 찍을줄알았다면 오해의소지없게 썼을거에요^^
(@sh11369 Oh my God..ㅎ there are still people who are mistaken..ㅎㅎ if I remember correctly, it was a study on art? it was that type of topic, and if you read it all, I wrote about why idols can’t get the title of an ‘artist’ and why we have to be different.. how could it be the same level.. I’m also a big fan of that athlete ㅎㅎ I didn’t know it would be shot from the broadcast.. and if I did know, I would’ve written it in a way to avoid misunderstandings^^)

Editor’s note: Sooyoung is likely replying to a comment about an essay she wrote shown in an episode of “Star Life Theater”.

Sooyoung: @sh11369 그게 거의 5페이지 분량이었는데..방송에앞부분만나와가지구 오해가생겨서 속상하네요..ㅎㅎ 한참지난일인데 아직도 그렇게생각하는분이계시다니. 오해마세요.^^
(@sh11369 It’s almost 5 pages long..only the first part of it was broadcast, creating misunderstandings, so I’m disappointed..ㅎㅎ It’s been a long time, but there are still people who think about it like that. Don’t misunderstand.^^)

Sooyoung: @chocosongi_ss 아니근데언젠가한번은 꼭 애기해주구싶었어영 ㅎㅎ 나 연아선수엄청좋아하는데 속상하자너..ㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎ
(@chocosongi_ss No, but I really wanted to tell you all once ㅎㅎ I really like Yuna, and I’m upset..ㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎ)

Editor’s note: Sooyoung is referring to to figure skater Kim Yuna.

Sooyoung: 근데악의적댓글이라보다 당연한거하구생각해요ㅜㅜ나같아도오해해 ㅋㅋ 에궁 카메라가못됐어카메라가..
(But more than being negative comments, I think they’re reasonableㅜㅜ I would have misunderstood too ㅋㅋ aegoong, the camera’s evil, the camera)

Translator’s note: “aegoong” is similar to “aigoo”.

Sooyoung: @sunny_db 콘서트까진 좀 참아보려고요.. 머리넘기기포기할수없으니깐…
(@sunny_db I’m going to try to wait until the concert.. because I can’t give up flipping my hair…)

Sooyoung: @pinkleafs 치즈김밥!
(@pinkleafs Cheese kimbap!)

Sooyoung: @soosooggang 정말요?? 와웅 고맙네..ㅎㅎ 창피해 아 허공에하이킥하고싶어
(@soosooggang Really?? Wow, I’m grateful..ㅎㅎ I’m embarrassed, ah. I want to high kick the air)

Sooyoung: @barrysssss 나도그런데!! 연예인아니었음그대들못만났잖어!ㅎㅎ
(@barrysssss I’m like that too!! If I wasn’t a celebrity, I wouldn’t have met you all!ㅎㅎ)

Sooyoung: @yywowyy 다먹고살자고하는일인데…ㅜㅜ
(@yywowyy Everyone’s trying to make a living…ㅜㅜ)

Sooyoung: @siopowwer 그니깐.. 일일이 애기하지않으려고 그때도넘겼던건데 아직까지도 애기가나오드라구여..근데 하나도 안속상해 뭐 전혀 히히
(@siopowwer Exactly.. I let it go that time too so I wouldn’t have to explain to each and every person, but it still comes up..but, i’m not upset at all. Hehe)

Sooyoung: @oh_oh_3 어머 저건 손이고에요 파마하면 망해 ….
(@oh_oh_3 Oh my, this was [done with] a curling iron. I’d be done with if i get a perm ….)

Sooyoung: @tyluvhj0309 롯**아의 양념감자
(@tyluvhj0309 Lot*****’s seasoned french fries)

Translator’s note: Sooyoung is trying to avoid saying, “Lotteria”.

Sooyoung: @parkeunkyung16 몰라요..난가만있음안돼 뭐라도해야돼…
(@parkeunkyung16 I don’t know..I can’t be still, I have to be doing something…)

Sooyoung: @likeoscar90 그런날이올까? 언제올까????
(@likeoscar90 Will a day like that come? when???)

Sooyoung: @eggplantx2 나도엄청고친건데???ㅜㅜ
(@eggplantx2 I fixed it a lot too???ㅜㅜ)

Sooyoung: @_geegee9 그거재밋어요?? 나도보고시픈데..
(@_geegee9 Is that fun?? I want to see it too..)

Sooyoung: @ryoe_tang 쇼챔가는길..
(@ryoe_tang On the way to “Show Champion”..)

Sources: Sooyoung’s Instagram, SNSDTV 1, SNSDTV 2, SNSDTV3
Translated by: thatssosoo@soshified, ch0sshi@soshified
Edited by: bhost909@soshified

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