With Girls’ Generation’s successful “Mr.Mr.” comeback coming to a close, Tiffany was recently interviewed by “Dazed and Confused”. The ladies also sat down to take questions from the music website, noisey.

Touching on topics about their return to the stage, relationships as group members, future plans, and much more, “Dazed and Confused” asked Tiffany to answer a variety of different questions that really gave a deeper insight into the girls’ current mindset. Many of Tiffany’s responses revolved around the close connections the members share with one another and how those helps contribute to Girls’ Generation’s strengths and success. Tiffany also mentioned that “Goodbye” was her favorite track, that she hoped to perform in Los Angeles and New York, and that the group still wants to achieve the same goals. Tiffany’s interview is featured on the front page of the website for “Dazed and Confused” magazine.


The website noisey interviewed the members, asking questions about how the group got to where they are today, “Mr.Mr.” and their take on K-pop music, the plans for the rest of 2014, and a variety of other topics. Seohyun kicked off the interview by saying, “Every time we release a new title, we try doing something different, something more challenging and fun. ‘Mr.Mr.’ has exciting R&B sounds with cool, simple melodies that people can easily remember, dance, and sing along to.” When asked about being in a nine-member group, Taeyeon responded, “We definitely feel more assured and confident when we are performing together. All the girls are cheerful and outgoing, so there’s never a dull moment!” Concluding the interview, Seohyun responded that the rest of 2014 would see Girls’ Generation’s third Japan tour, more group performances, and solo activities in other entertainment fields outside of music. She finished her answer with, “We are always thinking of how to delight our fans. Please continue to show your love and support!”

Sources: “Dazed and Confused“, noisey, [email protected]
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