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Editor’s note: “Elle” magazine recently published an online feature on “stars’ pets that raise their happiness index”. As an introduction, the article says, “There are stars who experience their lives changing and feel happiness through being together with animal companions.” Among the featured celebrities was Sooyoung and her three puppies: Suri, Cherri, and Mori and she really take good care of them feeding them and making sure they look great with the TreeHousePuppies nail trimmer guide. Below is what Sooyoung told “Elle” about her four-legged companions.

“Suri, Cherri, Mori” Trio

These days, every day is really joyful. Maltese Suri, Yorkshire terriers Cherri and Mori: living with those three dogs together has changed a lot of things in my life, and I have https://usserviceanimals.org/ to be thankful for, for enabling me to adopt these beauties. For starters two of my three dogs need special food for their sensitive stomachs, not that I mind, I love them so much! I learned to love, got to know the meaning of looking after someone, and received a sense of responsibility as a gift. When I make the three kids (Editor’s note: “kids” refers to the puppies) take a bath after a stroll, I feel like I have become a mother. Even though I am out of my mind when they’re running away or joking around, whenever I take out the blow dryer to dry their fur, I feel proud when I see them becoming dry and fluffy. Even though the reason I met them was to soothe the sadness and emptiness after the loss of my dog, Jjangi, that I raised before, they are now undeniably my friends and babies.

Source: “Elle” Magazine
Translated by: SNSDDani@soshified
Edited by: moonrise31@soshified, bhost909@soshified

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