Meeting you in real life, I was surprised that you had a low-pitched voice.
Yoona: Right? Whether I’m doing a photoshoot, singing, or performing on stage, there are a lot of times where I’m in charge of lovable, cute parts, so people see me as being really girly. I actually like the feel of androgynous concepts more. So there’s a difference between my image and actual self. The easy-going personality of the character ‘Nam Dajung’ when she was a reporter in ‘Prime Minister & I’ is close to my normal personality. I acted really comfortably, but there were a lot of viewers who said it was refreshing. I also felt some disappointment, wishing that episode was a bit longer.

CeCi: Are you more used to the burden that comes from leading the drama as the main role now?
Yoona: It’s not a situation of being able to lead anyone yet. I was able to meet nice and considerate opposing roles played by Kwon Sangwoo oppa, Jang Geunsuk oppa, and Lee Bumsoo sunbae, so I received a lot of help on and off camera. I leaned on the seniors’ work experiences and am stacking up the things I’ve learned, one by one. I agreed with this work’s director’s words: ‘There’s a small but definite difference between someone who has and hasn’t acted as the lead.’ The lead slowly gains the skill of seeing the general flow of the drama. I always feel that concentration is the most important thing. I’m not really sure what I have to do to convey subtle differences in emotions I’m expressing to viewers yet. (laughs) I probably have to study and practice a lot.


Nam Dajung’s love in ‘Prime Minister & I’ was a bit stifling, to be frank. Do you agree?
Yoona: Nam Dajung was a mature character that was considerate and and made sacrifices for love. But I still have more child-like tendencies.

CeCi: Is being mature good?
Yoona: I’m not sure. Being mature means you know a lot more things. Right now, I like being twenty-five or twenty-six years old more than twenty. Of course, I could be thinking that because I’m still young. But something I’m certain of is that it’s prettiest and best when you do things at the proper age. I’m able to make a bigger change now because I was able to show a lot of an image, like an innocent appearance, at a suitable age. Nowadays, I’ve been liking mannish styles during photoshoots. Though, I’m not sure if I’ve been drawn to a mannish image because I only showed a lovely image in my prime, or because I’ve always liked them.


The day after you completed filming your drama, you filmed a music video for Girls’ Generation’s new song?
Yoona: I wasn’t even able to feel the lingering of the drama. When I return to Girls’ Generation, it feels like I’m drawing out my real self that I was hiding. When I start showing ‘Yoona-likeness’, my members go, ‘Yoona’s really here.’ I play around more like I’m doing aegyo in front of the unnies. When they acknowledge it, I get the feeling ‘I’ve returned’.

CeCi: On the interview questions sheet, I wrote how you’ve been enjoying your personal time after the drama ended, but it was a really stupid question.
Yoona: I can’t do anything but laugh. I think there will be about one day to rest before our comeback. Because I’m also a person, when I’m really tired and get stressed, there are times where it shows in my face or actions. I get really upset when that gets assessed as my usual self or capacity. However, even if I complain like this, it’s nicer having more schedules than not any, so I go back to my initial mindset and work hard.


What kind of transformation is Girls’ Generation going to make this time?
Yoona: Each and every member all having grown up and matured? (CeCi: Should we be prepared to be surprised?) It probably won’t be as much as ‘I Got A Boy’. Personally, I’m hoping we will be able to show the charms that you felt from ‘Tell Me Your Wish’ or ‘Hoot’ again.

CeCi: A girl group existing firmly for 8 years in the Korean music industry means a lot. You guys reminisce every now and then too, right?
Yoona: Of course. Seeing EXO lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about the past. When we’re with them, jokes come out naturally like ‘You can’t mess with them, or there will be trouble.’ This is something that we heard a lot at one point. While seeing them sweeping up various awards and their great album sales, I thought, ‘We must have been like that too.’ After it passed, we realized how big the love we received is. I hope we will be able to continue going on like we are now. Having self-respect for myself, and being proud of each other.


Should we try defining what the ‘Yoona-likeness’ mentioned earlier?
Yoona: I’ve been in a little trouble because I’ve been so devoted to expressing my emotions lately. (laughs) When I’m in a good mood, I’m too lively, and when I’m not, I’m really calm. Weather and music really influence me a lot too. (CeCi: When asked about what to eat for dinner, you really seemed hopeless.) When it comes to picking food, I’m ’terribly’ indecisive. I would say ‘anything’, but when the other person says, ‘Then should we eat pizza?’, I go, ‘Not really… Isn’t there anything else?’ There are some people who get mad and tell me not to eat, but what am I supposed to do when it’s so difficult [to choose]! There was a time where I even wrote down what I wanted to eat.

CeCi: What do you hate the most?
Yoona: ‘Disagreement’! (laughs) There was a little water left in the glass when I was done drinking, so I asked, ‘Does anyone want any water?’ I would drink it because nobody answered, but someone would say, ‘I want a sip!’ I get angry when I finish my work to be on time for an appointment, only to have it cancelled or pushed back. (CeCi: You get told you’re hot-tempered often, right?) Hm… Rather than that, I want to say I’m being honest with my emotions. (laughs)


I feel like your fans might be sad you don’t use SNS.
Yoona: While doing this drama, I really thought about whether I should use one or not. I wanted to give thanks not just to Korean fans, but international fans in various Asian countries, because they sent so much support to the drama set. But I’m not convinced yet. Just to make sure I don’t make a mistake. I want to be content using the official homepage or appearing in my members’ SNS for now. I hope the fans will understand.

CeCi: You’ve turned 25, right at the middle of your 20’s. Are you living well?
Yoona: I’m ‘halfway to 50’. (laughs) There isn’t anything I regret greatly, so I think I’ve been living well. Compared to what I have now, when I may have been lucky and received good evaluations, it’s time for me to be evaluated for just myself. When in Girls’ Generation, I would be able to shine like a 100 with the members, even if I’m only shining 60 [percent]. Now, I flatly appear as a 60. I need to grow up a lot more and build myself up. It’s a time for me to really look at myself realistically.


Do you think it might be because you’ve started looking at yourself with even colder eyes?
Yoona: That is possible. Because the things I felt as being ‘okay’ in the past are now ‘not enough’. The leniency I had broken after ‘Love Rain’ was over. I experienced my first slump after realizing I had been vain. It was a time where I felt a lot of things. With how much I hurt, I also felt myself having gone one step higher. There are a lot more things for me to work on and worry about. I’m always worrying because I plan things but don’t go through with them very well. (CeCi: Don’t you think you’re being stingy with the points you’re giving yourself?) I know! That’s why I’m not using SNS. Because I might be exposed so plainly. (laughs)

CeCi: When was your turning point?
Yoona: When I was 20 years old, during ‘Gee’ promotions. Right before then, I appeared in ‘You Are My Destiny’, and those were my glory days. (laughs) I want to say my second turning point was when I showed a new appearance in ‘Prime Minister & I’. I’m hoping I will be with a good energy as I am a horse in the Chinese zodiac, during the year of the horse.


What do you want to do the most in the spring of 2014?
Yoona: Hm… I wish I would at least get to exercise properly. (laughs) Oh! I also want to see a lot of movies. This past Lunar New Year’s Day, I didn’t want to fall behind on the trend, so I watched ‘Frozen’. Most of my friends said they watched it, so I found one friend who hadn’t yet, and we hurried to watch it in the middle of the night. As expected, because I went to the movie theaters for the first time in a while, it was really nice. There are a lot of movies I want to watch as well. First of all, the next movie I want to see is ‘About Time’. I just like romantic movies.


Sources: “CeCi” Magazine, je-kwon
Translated by: ch0sshi@soshified
Edited by: bhost909@soshified

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