February 10th. To some people, it’s just another regular day of the year, but to SONEs, it’s a day to celebrate and to send best wishes to our one and only “cheerful princess”, Choi Sooyoung. Turning 24 this year, or 25 in the Korean style of telling age, also means that Sooyoung is taking another step into her seventh year as a member of Girls’ Generation. However, her career started even before the debut of the group.

In 2002, Sooyoung won first place in a “Korea-Japan Ultra Female Duo Audition” and later took the first steps in her singing career as a member of Route 0. She had to leave Korea and her family to live in a new country with a whole new language in order to follow her dream. During Girls’ Generation’s promotions, we always praise Sooyoung for her flawless Japanese during interviews. However, this girl, who is now fluent in the language, was once struggling with it during her time promoting with Route 0. Sooyoung lived in Japan by herself. The only friend she had was her fellow Route 0 member, who supported and helped her whenever she made mistakes in Japanese. Even though it was hard, Sooyoung remained determined and never gave up in order to follow her dream. If you have watched “Strong Heart”, you may remember Sooyoung telling a story of her dad saying she is his “little hero”. Just as her dad said, Sooyoung is truly a hero. She wasn’t afraid of living in a foreign country, wasn’t afraid of the loneliness, but bravely faced all of the obstacles in order to achieve her dream. Even though Route 0 promoted for only a short period, it was an important part in her career that shaped the Choi Sooyoung we are seeing today.


Maybe because of the hardships she went through during her Route 0 times in Japan, Sooyoung appreciates and is more thankful for what she has now. In an interview for “Elle” magazine, she shared that she had to handle schedules and go to various auditions all by herself, so when she returned to Japan to promote as a Girls’ Generation member, she was “deeply touched thinking, ‘What I couldn’t achieve alone, I now can because I’m together with my members.’” There is a saying: “Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.” In Sooyoung’s case, even though she wasn’t successful with Route 0, she didn’t give up, but instead continued to work harder. The success she is having now with Girls’ Generation isn’t just mere luck, but the reward for all the efforts she has made.


Determination and hard work aren’t Sooyoung’s only admirable characteristics. Off-screen, Sooyoung is just a normal girl who loves and supports her family. If you have been a fan for some time, you may know of Choi Soojin, a musical actress and Sooyoung’s sister. Despite her busy schedule, Sooyoung always finds time to go support her sister’s musicals. Not only that, but she also tries to find time to help out with her dad’s Korea Retinitis Pigmentosa Society (KRPS) charity organization. Two years ago, Sooyoung, together with Taeyeon, Tiffany, and Seohyun, became ambassadors for KRPS. Sooyoung has also volunteered to help with food distribution and presentation at another KRPS event with her dad and once managed to sneak in some free time during her schedule to celebrate Halloween with little kids. All this and more shows that Sooyoung has a loving and caring heart not only for her family but also for society, for people in need.


Despite being a popular idol, Sooyoung always feels grateful toward fans. Her sincerity touched many fans’ hearts when she posted a video message to SONEs on the SMTOWN YouTube channel to express her gratitude to the fans who sent her their blessings, hoping she would recover quickly after a car accident. It was a first for an idol to edit a video by herself to express her thankfulness toward fans. Furthermore, when her fansites sent her Christmas gifts from fans from around the world, Sooyoung also updated Girls’ Generation’s official website with pictures to thank fans for the presents. She also expressed her gratitude on “Strong Heart” to fans who sent in donations and volunteered to help with her dad’s KRPS charity. Sooyoung’s appreciation for her fans alone is enough to make someone fall in love with her more and more.


There’s one thing that can’t be left unmentioned. Last month, SM Entertainment confirmed that Sooyoung is now in a relationship with actor Jung Kyungho. Even though it may break some people’s hearts knowing this, it truly is good news for Sooyoung. A few years ago, Sooyoung always said on variety shows that she hoped to get a boyfriend soon, so having Jung Kyungho beside her now means her wish has come true. Sooyoung is a kind girl, and she deserves the chance to find someone who loves her. As SONEs, all we can do is to send our blessings and wish the best for her and Jung Kyungho.


Good looks on the outside will fade away one day, but the beauty of the heart is what will be with someone forever. Sooyoung has stolen SONEs’ hearts not just because of how she looks on the outside, but because of the things she has done for fans and for others. Sooyoung isn’t only a “little hero” to her dad, but she is also a “little hero” to SONEs. A hero who never gives up, always cares for her family, is thankful for what she has, and helps out other people whenever she can. And this day, February 10th, is a day to celebrate the birth of a little hero that we SONEs are lucky to know.

Happy 25th birthday to Choi Sooyoung!

Sources: Spring Blossom, Girls’ Generation’s Official Website
Written by: hangthienbao@soshified