Moon That Embraces the Sun“, a musical for which Seohyun is a lead cast member, held a press call on January 20th. The event took place at the Towol Theater in the Seoul Arts Center. During the press call, Seohyun said, “This is my first attempt in musical. Musical was a genre that I always dreamed of. It is an honor and an exciting thing to be cast in a project that I really like and work with such great sunbaes.”

During the press call, Seohyun also discussed her endeavors to portray the same character at two different periods of life: “In the first segment, I acted as the 13-year-old Heo Yeonwoo, and in the second segment, I acted as the 21-year-old Wol. It was difficult to act out the same character in two different times, but the other actors and actresses helped out a lot.” Two scenes from the musical were also shown at the press call.

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The first performance of “Moon That Embraces the Sun” took place on January 21st at the Seoul Arts Center. After the show, Seohyun tweeted a picture of herself in-costume along with a message reading, “I have successfully finished the first performance of the first musical in my life~! I’m really happy to perform with such great actors/actresses!! I will show my improvements as a new actress~! Please enjoy the rest of the performances”.

To celebrate Seohyun’s first performance, the other Girls’ Generation members sent her a congratulatory wreath. The message says, “Destiny that can’t be reversed…yes. It’s maknae on top! This generation’s hope, she’s our precious maknae. We have to see her. Foolish (Translator’s note: In Korean, ‘pal bul chul’; ‘pal’ is also how you say ‘eight’ in Korean. The other eight members are making a play on words) Girls’ Generation that’s embracing the hopeful musical [actress], Seo Juhyun.”

seohyun wreath

News and fantaken pictures from both the press call and the first performance can be found in Soshified’s Photos Section. “Moon That Embraces the Sun” will run until February 23rd.

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