Sooyoung and fellow SM Entertainment labelmate, Super Junior’s Siwon, were both appointed as public relations delegates for UNICEF Korea’s “Santa Campaign“, encouraging participating supporters to become “Santa” to help children in need. UNICEF, or the United Nations Children’s Fund, advocates for the protection of children’s rights and aims to help meet their basic needs while also expanding their opportunities to reach their full potential.


SM Entertainment’s Twitter page tweeted a photo from the appointment ceremony. According to UNICEF Korea, Sooyoung was chosen because she has consistently taken part in various types of volunteer work despite her busy schedule and fit the image of “Santa helping children”. Even though the two superstars had to deal with very hectic schedules, only being able to fly back to Korea for one day out of the week, they devoted their time and shot the “Santa Campaign” promotional video for an entire day. On the day of the shoot, Sooyoung and Siwon, who returned through Incheon International Airport, handled the shoot enthusiastically. Despite having no rest, the two led a bright atmosphere on set.


Sooyoung also stated, “While I currently have busy schedules, I’m glad the talent I have can be used for something really important. I came to take part in this with a happy heart, thinking of how I can return the love I’ve received to children. While you all may spend a busy end of the year and new year, I hope you will become a ‘Santa’ that gives a great amount of hope with a little helping hand to children who are in immediate need in neighboring countries.”

UNICEF supporters are currently helping children in need all around the world. Sooyoung and Siwon’s video for the “Santa Campaign”, asking for any help or contribution for the cause in the spirit of Christmas, can be seen below. The clip can also be downloaded and watched by visiting Soshified’s Video Downloads Section. More information can be found by visiting UNICEF Korea’s official Facebook page as well.

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