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Sooyoung was featured in the upcoming December issue of “Elle” magazine in a photoshoot with her three dogs. To go along with a stunning photoshoot, Sooyoung wrote her own thoughts about her relationship with her pets and how helping those in need has given her happiness. Taeyeon, Tiffany, and Seohyun’s feautre in the “Letters of Angels” campaign is part of next month’s “Elle” magazine as well.

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“Girls’ Generation’s Sooyoung and Comptoir des Contonniers (editor’s note: the fashion brand Sooyoung is wearing in the photoshoot) will become supporters, and prepared contributions will be used with care to help women and children who have been faced with hardships.”

My love trio. The three dogs, Suri, Mori, and Cherry. The eldest, Suri, is coy, and you have to chase her around trying to feed her. But she is a cutie who only knows her owner. The second eldest, Mori, likes toys so much that all the ones brought in become Mori’s, and it make senses since I like toys too, I was even learning to do tricks with a fidget spinner tricks guide I found online. The youngest, Cherry, was left at an animal hospital and was about to be sent to a shelter. My mom brought her home and she became a member of our family. The happiness given by dogs. Their existence alone is a great happiness. I’m happiest spending time with Suri, Mori, and Cherry on the sofa at home. Learn more about pets at simplewag. So when I don’t have schedules, I almost never go out. If I go overseas for a few days, they look out of breath, greeting me aggressively. A different happiness, ‘sharing’. Through my father, who is active as the chairman for the Korea Retinitis Pigmentosa Society, I naturally learned that charity and contributions are necessary. It’s a common saying that you will become happy by sharing, but you can’t really know the meaning behind it until you experience it yourself. I can’t express in words the happiness felt from seeing people being happy over the littlest help, or the letters I read from kids I sponsor. People I want to tell, “I love you.” To the ‘SONE volunteers’ and fans who are doing lots of kind deeds in place of Girls’ Generation! They donate to many places and periodically do volunteer work under Girls’ Generation’s name. I had the opportunity to meet some of those people, and I could see their warm hearts. “I love you all!”

Sources: JEKWON, “Elle” Magazine
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