Real name Seo Juhyun, born in 1991, and a member of our country’s representative girl group, Girls’ Generation. The girl who auditioned with a baby face has now grown and stands in front of the general public as a woman. She was recently unexpectedly cast in the SBS weekend drama, “Passionate Love”, and made her attempt at acting. Though she did die in just four episodes, she had a successful start showing sweet acting with actor Lee Wongeun, who played a young Kang Mooyeol in the drama. Her acting in a drama seemed to confirm that it was a well-prepared attempt, following her dubbing in the “Despicable Me” animated film series.

If there was another modifier that expresses Seohyun, it would be “proper lifestyle girl”. After appearing on MBC “We Got Married” in 2011, she showed off a different kind of charm by showing the proper lifestyle model of Girls’ Generation’s youngest member, Seohyun. Her sharp, knife-like life habits, use of honorifics, and reading habits gradually set her apart from other girl group idols. And, as if confirming that her appearance wasn’t predetermined, she earned the title “idol with notion” by delivering word about Memorial Day, National Liberation Day, and other anniversaries through SNS.

Seohyun, who is capturing the hearts of fans with a variety of charms, tried her hand in another new field. When TENASIA gave the “self-research” exam, like her personality, Seohyun fully engaged herself in the test with a serious attitude. With this mock exam she’s looking at for the first time in 4 years, we wonder what she might have written. We will be revealing the results of this self-research exam that made a serious Seohyun even more serious.


1. Of the songs Seohyun took part in writing or singing as a duet, which is she most attached to?

Intent of question: Recently, Seohyun has been expanding her activities in music by taking part in Girls’ Generation and Girls’ Generation – TTS’s songs as a songwriter. Thanks to her solid skills and passion for music, Seohyun has an ample amount of experience in songwriting and signing in duets. So we asked her which song she felt was the best out of the ones she’s taken part in.
Choices: ‘Banmal Song’, ‘Baby Maybe’, ‘XYZ’, ‘Don’t Say No’, ‘Dreams Come True’, ‘Jjalajjala’, ‘Way Back Into Love’, etc.
Answer: ‘Jjalajajja’

As if she was nervous, facing a mock exam for the first time in 4 years, Seohyun looked over the examples for the first question carefully. At that moment, like Yoo Heeyeol’s “hawk eyes”, Seohyun saw that the choice “Jjalajjala” was written incorrectly, and fixed it herself to “Jjalajajja”. Of course, with “ddeng!!” (translator’s note: sound the key on xylophone makes when hit when questions are answered incorrectly) written cutely. Of the many songs, Seohyun chose “Jjalajajja”, the duet she sang with Joo Hyunmi, as the best. As expected, Seohyun was well-mannered, saying, “I was really happy, and it was an honor singing a duet with senior Joo Hyunmi, who I respect.” The song “Jjalajajja” that the two sang was created with the novel “The Houseguest and My Mother” as the motif. It draws out a comedic love triangle between a mother and daughter with a tutor. With their 30-year age difference, Joo Hyunmi and Seohyun sang the song by taking the parts as the mother and daughter within the lyrics. First of all, in real life, Seohyun’s mother and Joo Hyunmi’s ages, and Joo Hyunmi’s son and Seohyun’s ages, are the same. Second, because the two characters are the same in Seohyun and Joo Hyunmi’s names (translator’s note: “hyun”), it’s said that fans called them “Seo Joo Hyun Mi”.


2. Well-rounded girl group Girls’ Generation has been doing various activities aside from music. From the following, which members’ names, who have had experience acting, match with the names of their characters in dramas?

Intent of question: With ‘acting-dols’ becoming the trend lately, the nation’s girl group, Girls’ Generation, can’t be left out. In particular, Yoona, Yuri, and Sooyoung appeared in dramas as the main and supporting roles, and have received positive responses with their stable acting. So then, how well might have Girls’ Generation members been monitoring their other members’ acting activities? We found out through ‘matching role names in dramas they appeared in’.
Choices: 1. Shin Jooyoung of ‘9 Ends 2 Outs’ – Sunny; 2. Jang Sebyuk of ‘You Are My Destiny’ – Hyoyeon; 3. Jungeun of ‘No Breathing’ – Tiffany; 4. Gong Minyoung of ‘Dating Agency: Cyrano’ – Yoona; 5. Choi Anna of ‘Fashion King’ – Yuri
Answer: 5. Choi Anna of ‘Fashion King’ – Yuri

After slowly looking over the second question, Seohyun chose number 5 without any hesitation. With dramas flowing out like a flood, Seohyun was overflowing with confidence with a question that even fans may get wrong. This, in a way, showed that Girls’ Generation is always watching and not sparing advice regarding members’ activities is true. Also, because Seohyun, who is currently enrolled in the drama department at Dongguk University, has been dreaming of acting for a long time now, she probably didn’t have any choice but to watch her unnies’ activities attentively. Seohyun took her first step into acting life through “Passionate Love”. It seems that the day we see her on-screen through a drama isn’t too far away.


3. Seohyun has garnered attention after revealing various ideal types through shows. Currently, in 2013, who might be closest to Seohyun’s ideal type?

Intent of question: The blooming age of 23. Although Seohyun has been a busy bee with Girls’ Generation’s music activities and other schedules, she probably has some desire to date. That feeling must be even greater after taking on the role of the fresh college student, Han Yurim, in ‘Passionate Love’, where she showed off acting that could covet the ‘first love icon’ Suzy. We’ve gathered Seohyun’s ideal types that she revealed occasionally through various shows. Who might Seohyun actually think of as her ideal type?
Choices: 1. goguma (sweet potato); 2. Ban Ki-Moon; 3. Yoo Jaesuk; 4. Guy with pretty eyes; 5. Other
Answer: 5. Other (A person who is optimistic, draws a definite line between private and public matters, and does his best in both work and love! Does he exist anywhere…?)

“What kind of ideal type is goguma~ (laughs).” Seohyun burst out laughing after seeing the first choice. Seohyun’s eyes passed by Ban Ki-Moon, who she usually chose as her mentor, Yoo Jaesuk, who she named as her ideal type through the cable show Mnet “Beatles Code 2”, and “a guy with pretty eyes”, which she revealed early this year through MBC “Girls’ Generation’s Romantic Fantasy”, and headed for the 5th choice. She said, “My ideal type doesn’t exist within the choices,” and wrote as follows on the “other” line. “A person who is optimistic, draws a definite line between private and positive matters, and does his best in both work and love.” While it may not have much of a serious feel for a girl in her mid-20s, it seems that a person and love changes as they get older.


Short-Answer Questions

4. Fill in the blank.

Intent of question: We chose keywords that can’t be left out when explaining Seohyun. We wondered what she might think of each keyword. Won’t we be able to learn a little more about her thoughts and position on life through her answers on these difficult yet simple questions?
Answer: To Seohyun, acting is an area [of work] that makes my heart flutter, and makes me sincerely feel greed for.
To Seohyun, music is a precious friend that I always want to be together with.
To Seohyun, Girls’ Generation is the best relationship that destiny has created.
To Seohyun, love is something that is still difficult, but is needed.

First of all, regarding acting, Seohyun wrote, “An area [of work] that makes my heart flutter, and makes me sincerely feel greed for.” As if her first attempt at acting through “Passionate Love” has become a fuse, she showed a strong desire for acting. Her passion for music is just as strong. Seohyun, while musically expanding her domain by starting to write lyrics to a song, expressed music as, “a precious friend that I always want to be together with.”

And Girls’ Generation. She explained that Girls’ Generation, the group that made the Seohyun we know today and the one that she spent her younger years together with, as “the best relationship that destiny has created.” How many hardships might there have been for a girl dreaming of becoming a singer when she was little, in order to become a member of a girl group that dominates Asia. Through Girls’ Generation, Seohyun also met good people that she will spend the rest of her life with. When writing about love, Seohyun got even more serious. Though she hasn’t been able to experience it seriously herself yet, she wrote one character at a time in the available blank, as if she were mentally drawing her love that she will meet one day. “Something that is still difficult, but is needed.” Won’t a day come where Seohyun finds her love soon?


5. Create an ‘oh-heng-shi’
(translator’s note: taking each character from a word, and creating a series of sentences, the wordplay is lost in translation) using ‘Passionate Love Han Yurim’.

Intent of question: While she did make an attempt at acting through ‘Passionate Love’, she’s probably disappointed in having died in just 4 episodes. We wanted to get to know about Seohyun’s disappointment and thoughts on acting through an oh-heng-shi.
Answer: ‘Passionate Love’ to me really was
A precious existence that I am attached to. However!
One thing that is on my mind…
Death came too soon.. ㅠ^ㅠ

As expected, it was so. Even if she didn’t decide on appearing with ambitions of her dream, it is true that the amount of screen time she got was small. Seohyun expressed this disappointment with the character “Yurim”. While “Passionate Love” is a precious existence that she was attached to, but she is sad that Yurim met with death too soon. Seohyun’s sadness could be felt as is with the term “death”.


6. Fill in the blank.

Intent of question: Seohyun is probably having a hectic time with Girls’ Generation’s Asia tour, music, acting, and show appearances. We were curious as to what captures her throughts.
Answer: Lately, Seohyun has been captured with thoughts that everything is enjoyable ♬.

There really was another “king of optimism”. It seemed like Seohyun was hesitating for a few seconds when she got to the 6th question, but wrote her answer in one stroke. “Everything is enjoyable.” While she could be exhausted physically and mentally due to intensive schedules, but you realize what exactly the phrase “like Seohyun” means when you look at her answer. “I wanted to write the last answer, not in a really serious way, but a fun way!” Seohyun wrote the musical note while saying that, as if she was glad the exam was over. Arming herself with skills and effort, added with the boundless power of optimism from her passion, all that’s left for Seohyun now is flying high up.

Source: TENASIA via Naver
Translated by: ch0sshi@soshified
Edited by: bhost909@soshified

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