On October 16, Jessica held an impromptu question and answer session through her Weibo account, replying to questions sent to her regarding food and music. Check out the answers that she left below, along with the translations (in italics) of the replies written in Korean.


Jessica: 나랑 놀사람??? 여기여기붙어랏! 심심하단말이얌…
(Who wants to play with me??? Gather over here, here! I’m telling you, I’m bored…)

Jessica: 질문 답변 타임 갖쟈우리!!!
(Question and answer time, let’s go!!!)

Jessica: Question&answer starts now!

Jessica: 난 백만년만에 런닝머신에서 걷고잇음.. 뛰진못하고 걸어여..ㅋㅋㅋ
(After a million years, I’m walking on the treadmill.. I can’t run, so I’m walking.. kekeke)

Jessica: What did u guys do today? Anything fun? Exciting?

Jessica: Brian mcknight-anytime

Jessica: Tony bennett-the way you look tonight

Jessica: Chinese food is all yummy! Hot&sour soup hahahaha

Jessica: Sautéed spinach

Jessica: Coldplay-yellow

Jessica: Stereophonics- maybe tomorrow

Jessica: 시금치는 날 건강하고 튼튼하게 해준다구~ 오이는
(I’m saying spinach makes me health and strong~ But cucumbers)

Jessica: 오이는 몸에 해로워
(Cucumbers are harmful to [my] body)

Jessica: Mexican food is awesome! Love burritos tacos guacamole

Jessica: 오이좋아하는사람나가~ ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
(People who like cucumbers, leave~ kekekekeke)

Jessica: I used to love writing &literature when i was in school

Jessica: Louis armstrong- la vie en rose 너무 좋아 요즘….ㅠㅠ
(Louis armstrong- la vie en rose. I really like it recently…. ㅠㅠ)

Jessica: Sure maybe next time ill try some Malaysian food!

Jessica: I love thai food too! Pad thai hehehe

Sources: Jessica’s Weibo, SNSDTV
Translated by: SunnyStawr@soshified
Edited by: [email protected]

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