“Cosmopolitan” magazine has revealed that its upcoming issue will feature Yuri for a photoshoot and interview. The magazine released three teaser photos of Yuri from the photoshoot and a preview of the interview, which will revolve around “No Breathing”, Yuri’s upcoming movie to be released on October 30th. Yuri plays Jungeun, the film’s female lead.

Through her photoshoot with Cosmopolitan, Yuri explained, “Jung Eun is far from a typical first love. In the film, she’s a laid-back person who often hits Seo Inguk in the back of the head and devours chicken feet like it’s nothing when in front of a guy that likes her.”

In regards to working with the currently-popular guys, Lee Jongsuk and Seo Inguk, she revealed, “I was surprised because both of their images were the complete opposite of what I thought. Seo Inguk, who I thought would be a considerate oppa, surprisingly gave off an appealing, bad boy feel. And Lee Jongsuk, who I thought would only be chic, was unpredictably playful.”

The photoshoot and interview with Yuri, who says she wants to continue to act as more diverse characters for a long time, will be revealed through the November issue of Cosmopolitan.


Sources: TVDaily 1, TVDaily 2, TVDaily 3
Translated by: ch0sshi@soshified
Edited by: bhost909@soshified

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