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Girls’ Generation’s Hyoyeon has been garnering attention after revealing how she was a talented person who received recognition in the dancing world.

On Mnet’s “The Beatles Code 2” airing on July 8th, the masters of Korea’s first dance survival show, “Dancing 9”, Hyoyeon, Lee Yongwoo, Park Jieun, Woo Hyunyoung, Popinjay, and Ducky, guest starred and showed off their dance skills, as well as their witty talks.

On this day, Hyoyeon was the center of attention after revealing how she was well-known in the dancing world with her outstanding dancing skills before her debut. Hyoyeon stated, “I took the stage as a guest at a large popping competition six to seven years ago and also got to the semi-finals in a battle competition,” letting it become known that she has unique dancing skills.

To this, Popinjay testified, “At the time, the debut stage of the team Hyoyeon and miss A’s Min created, the ‘Little Winners’, was the focus for many street dancers.” MC Shindong added, “Even at her young age, Hyoyeon really left an impression with her range of popping and locking, as well doing K-Pop dances.”

In this episode, Hyoyeon also confessed of having unusual trouble regarding dancing after debuting in Girls’ Generation. Hyoyeon stated, “The dances I learned before debuting had large gestures and were powerful, but there were many difficulties dancing dances that suited the one-piece outfit that went with the young girl concept after debuting.”

However, she showed her affection for Girls’ Generation by revealing, “Thinking about how the nine members need to harmonize, I tried really hard to become one group rather than trying to stand out with dancing.”

Don’t miss this episode of “The Beatles Code 2”, airing tonight at 6PM KST on Mnet.

Source: TV Report
Translated by: ch0sshi@soshified
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