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tvN recently released two new humorous teasers for “Dating Agency: Cyrano”, Sooyoung’s upcoming drama, which will be centered around an agency that helps people who are clumsy when it comes to dating. Sooyoung will playing Gong Minyoung, the loveable female main character.

The first teaser is titled “Convenience Store Attack” and shows Lee Chunhee’s character, Cha Seungpyo, confessing to Minyoung. He is seen saying, “I’m going to let you hear my heart”, gives her flowers, and tries to sing her a song before Minyoung calls the police to arrest him. As he is being dragged away, the text on the screen reads, “Confessing is also a skill.” Seo Byunghoon, played by Lee Jonghyuk, is waiting for him in the police car and asks, “Do you need a professional?”

In the second teaser, titled “A Girl’s Mil-dang Episode” (translator’s note: “mil-dang” literally means “pushing and pulling”, which can be interpreted as “playing hard to get”), Minyoung is seen admiring a young man drinking coffee, but texts a friend to say that she would never try to confess. When he asks her to go see a movie with him, two thought bubbles appear on the screen. The first says, “Daebak, of course! Without hesitation”, while the second says, “No! A girl has pride! Play hard to get!” Minyoung decides on the latter and shyly replies, “I don’t know if I have time…” The young man quickly withdraws his offer and states, “If you can’t, that’s too bad.” The text on the screen then reads, “Mil-dang is also a skill.” Seo Byunghoon again appears and asks Minyoung, “Do you need a professional?”

“Dating Agency: Cyrano” is set to begin airing on May 27th. Check out the two teasers below.


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