She walks into a room, bright-eyed and beautiful,yoona26_1
And every time, we lose our collective breath.
Stolen, by her wonder.
The face of a generation, our


Her name floods the senses
With joy, admiration, charm.
Im Yoon Ah.

Her image decorates Seoul,
Soft and ever-present as the clouds in the sky,
We see her smiling in the sunlight,
More stunning than the nature around her.
Running across landscapes,
Brightly colored, yet determined
She makes the world feel clean and clear.
She sets our innis… free.

Jooyoung, Saebyuk, Yoojin, Yoonhee, and Hana:
She shows herself to us in so many different ways,
In so many different lights,yoona love rain9
Each time with new inflection,
Tweaks and delicately crafted nuances,
The range of her character knows no bounds.
Who else can eat ramyun with such a variety of emotion?

Her beauty is daunting,
Unbelievable, unforgettable.
But her spirit grabs us by the heart,
Demands our admiration.
We smile with her laughter,
Adoringly cringe at her aegyo,
Sit enthralled when she tells her story.
Sometimes she allows us to see Yoona
as Yoona,
Just as she is.
In all her lovable splendor.
She leaves us begging for more.

Icon, model, actress, comedian, she does it all.yoona1
But it’s when she’s on stage with her sisters,
Lights on, music blaring,
That she has rendered us helpless witnesses,
subject to the lasting imprint of her timeless charisma.
A kick of her leg, the subtle wave of a lollipop in her hand,
T-shirts and jeans, marines, cheerleaders, goddesses,
By all these things we have known Girls’ Generation,
And by all these things, Yoona makes sure we remember.
The face of our generation, our center.

It’s been twenty-four years since you entered the world,
Adorable from the day you were born.
It’s been only five years since you brought us into a new one,
The celestial darling of our lives,
And things have never been the same.

Image Sources: Vogue Girl, xportsnews, Star, Love Rain
Written by: gjak1117@soshified
Edited by: moonrise31@soshified, bhost909@soshified