Like a fish in water.

Girls’ Generation’s Sooyoung is like one in tvN’s Monday/Tuesday drama, “Dating Agency; Cyrano”. After ambitiously trying her hand at acting last year in the tvN drama, “The Third Hospital”, Sooyoung showed minuscule presence amongst prominent actors. She also acted as a patient in a coma, not really giving viewers a chance to evaluate her acting. However, Sooyoung took on a title role with Lee Jonghyuk, and accepted the opportunity to properly prove her acting.

While she did take over the position of a lead role, the burden that came with it was probably immense because her opposing lead role is Lee Jonghyuk, who has a reputation as a good actor. Along with having to win over past displays of the Gong Minyoung character in a film, Sooyoung probably had to swallow comparisons between actress Park Shinhye and herself. However, the results exceeded expectations. Sooyoung melted into a cheerful and animated character without much difficulty, completely different from the character in the film.

There weren’t excessive emotions or overdone expressions that commonly appear in acting newcomers, and there are mainly positive assessments about her, such as having stable dictation. Along with her actions of falling backwards in the first episode, her acting like a tipsy drunkard wasn’t awkward. Sooyoung, who received assessments for her reserved acting in
“The Third Hospital”, has now stretched as much as she wanted through “Dating Agency; Cyrano” and is receiving positive evaluations along with showing her potential as an actress.

The Gong Minyoung in the drama is more empowered than in the movie. The romance between her and Seo Byunghoon (played by Lee Jonghyuk), which didn’t stand out in the film, is a major plot in the drama, and Gong Minyoung is responsible for the aggravation of conflict early on. This conflict came about in the episode that aired on May 28th. At the end of this episode, unlike the Gong Minyoung who felt veracity and doubt in manipulated love, she is shown acting in ways unlike the official operations of the Cyrano Agency.

To this, Seo Byunghoon declared to Gong Minyoung, “You’re out of Cyrano Agency,” leading her into a state of crisis. The drama “Dating Agency; Cyrano” is in episode form, spotlighting the process of clients who come to Cyrano Agency, attaining love. Aside from that, a main point will also be romanticist Gong Minyoung, who dreams of honest love, decreasing the gap between herself and Cyrano Agency’s creation of love through manipulation.

With this, Sooyoung’s tasks will become even more tremendous.

With the cute and cheerful image Sooyoung built through Girls’ Generation, she expresses how lovable Gong Minyoung is in “Dating Agency; Cyrano” well and is livening up the charms of a romantic comedy with the bubbly nature of a young lady in her 20’s. However, the future is what’s important. The romance with Lee Jonghyuk, overcoming a 16 year age difference in real life, and the detailed change in emotion through it, amongst other things, are all a pile of tasks that Sooyoung must overcome. To see if Sooyoung will be able to show her strength to pull the drama forward until the end after having a positive start, it is necessary to give attention to “Dating Agency; Cyrano”.

Source: Reviewstar
Translated by: ch0sshi@soshified
Edited by: bhost909@soshified

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