Update with SONE PLUS+, SONE JAPAN, Naver LINE, and official website messages:

On April 21st, the members of Girls’ Generation completed their second arena tour through Japan at the Osaka Municipal Central Gymnasium. In addition to the usual performances of 29 songs from their past Korean and Japanese albums, Girls’ Generation commemorated the final concert of the arena tour by singing a brief acapella version of “Into The New World”, which was not on the concert setlist, and Taeyeon read a letter in Japanese that she had prepared in advance for the audience. The transcript of Taeyeon’s letter can be found in Soshified’s Translated Goodies Section. Finally, after the end of the concert, Girls’ Generation returned to the stage in response to calls for a second encore and gave a special performance of “Gee”.

Girls’ Generation’s second arena tour began on February 9th and reached seven cities in Japan. The tour featured 20 concerts spread throughout Kobe, Saitama, Niigata, Fukuoka, Hiroshima, Osaka, and Nagoya, with fans from Japan and all over the world in attendance forming beautiful pink oceans of lightsticks for every concert.


The members of Girls’ Generation later expressed their thanks to the their fans through SONE PLUS+ and Girls’ Generation’s official website. The photo above was posted onto SONE PLUS+ with a message:

To all the fans who came to Girls’ Generation’s tour!
Thank you very much ^^
Thanks to you all, we were able to have another wonderful memory♪
We will continue to try hard from now on so please keep cheering for us!

Seohyun also gave her thanks to Girls’ Generation’s fans through Girls’ Generation’s official website, where she posted a message and a four-frame photo of herself and Yuri at Tokyo Disneyland. Seohyun posted:

Hello~ This is Seohyun, and Yuri^^
Japan Arena Tour! 20 concerts! Today was the last day~! Kyak!!
We can’t believe it’s already the last one~
We had so much fun with everyone that we didn’t notice the time fly by~

This picture is from our date on a spring day at Disneyland~
Seo-Sparrow and Donald-Yul!! keke
The weather changes are severe lately, so be careful not to catch a cold~
Everyone enjoy the warm spring weather and have a great day ^^♥



Sooyoung later posted three photos and a message on Girls’ Generation’s official website as well. Her pictures show Girls’ Generation dressed in outfits for the arena tour, with one picture taken on stage in front of the concert audience. Sooyoung’s message read:

I was grateful to every SONE that flooded the concert stadiums with pink every time!!
I won’t forget the 20 precious times this happened ♥
I couldn’t help but cry after making eye contact with each and everyone one of you singing along and cheering us on ㅜ ㅜ .,
But the moment we get off stage, we decided to display a moment of “high fashion”,,
Puhaha., Let’s meet each other again SONE ^-^♥ Soon!!


This picture was taken with my phone!!


Girls’ Generation’s Japan Naver LINE account also posted a picture and message as thanks to fans who attended the concert. The photo showed the group in concert performing “I Got A Boy”, and the message included read:

Good evening everyone! It’s Girls’ Generation :)
Yesterday the 2nd Japan tour ended ;_;
We were a little uneasy because there were more dates than last time, however, thanks to you all we were able to have fun, live concerts :)
We made many precious memories with everyone☆☆

Also, we are trying hard and looking forward to seeing everyone soon <3
On May 29th, our new single ‘LOVE&GIRLS’ will be released, so please wait ;) ♪


Lastly, SONE JAPAN posted the above photo of Girls’ Generation backstage at the final concert and included a message from Girls’ Generation. The message read:

Hello everyone in SONE JAPAN.

It’s Girls’ Generation~ ^^

To all the fans who came to the tour, thank you so much!

We were able to meet you all just about every week, so it was a very happy three months.

The concert venues filled with pink penlights, handmade [cosplay] costumes and pink towels, everyone who wore the tour T-shirt and more, spending Sooyoung, Taeyeon, and Jessica’s birthdays with everyone… we will never forget any of it.

Also, after the concerts ended, the special time when we met those backstage became precious memories.  When we opened the door to the waiting room, seeing that everyone was so happy or crying made us feel that we’re loved so much that our hearts ached.  We are really~, really~ thankful for all the fans who support Girls’ Generation.

In order to be able to respond to all your cheers, we will try our best from now on, so please warmly watch over Girls’ Generation. Thank you.


Congratulations to the members of Girls’ Generation for completing their wonderful second arena tour.

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