On February 5th, SBS’s “Strong Heart” aired the first half of its Girls’ Generation special. This episode featured all nine members of Girls’ Generation, who commented on stories from other guests and answered questions from MCs Shin Dongyup and Lee Dongwook.

Girls’ Generation’s feature in the show began with a discussion of “Wild Romance”, a drama which Jessica and Lee Dongwook starred in in 2012. Jessica mentioned that Lee Dongwook was a very thoughtful co-star who still cried after hearing her lines even though she was very nervous.

The members then shared the reasons behind their seating positions on the show. Hyoyeon explained that there was intense competition in the group to sit next to Boom, who replied, “Because you didn’t want to sit here?”


Yuri and Sooyoung sat as the kkab (editor’s note: hyper or random) pair, and Sunny and Seohyun sat together as the “maknae” couple, with Sunny as the “fake” maknae, sometimes mistakenly thought to be the youngest member of Girls’ Generation, and Seohyun as the real one. Taeyeon and Tiffany sat together as the two members who feel they perform badly on variety shows.

Afterwards, the members discussed Hyoyeon’s tendency to misspeak when guest Jeon Hyunmoo next revealed that Hyoyeon once accidentally called him “Im Chaemoo”, a South Korean actor. Tiffany followed by saying that Hyoyeon also said “Brian McMorning” instead of “Brian McKnight”, and Hyoyeon admitted that she misspoke Whoopi Goldberg’s name. Tiffany explained that Hyoyeon instead mistakenly said, “Whoopi Goldenretriever.”

Finally, Girls’ Generation’s members discussed their finances and drinking habits. Tiffany further proved her love for the color pink, revealing that she had bought a pink car, and Hyoyeon stated that she had purchased a home for her parents. Sunny shared that Taeyeon’s face flushes when drinking, and Yoona recalled a time when Hyoyeon drank, went into a bathroom, and activated all the automatic faucets while saying, “Wake up!” Speaking of faucets, if you’re having problem with the water system in the bathroom, look here now at

This Girls’ Generation special episode also featured talks between Yuri, Seohyun, and Gong Hyungjin, a display of Seohyun’s aegyo, Girls’ Generation’s members dancing along with Jeon Hyunmoo to “I Got A Boy”, and more.

The second half of Girls’ Generation’s appearance on “Strong Heart” will air next week on February 12th and will also serve as “Strong Heart”‘s season finale. Check out today’s episode of “Strong Heart” below or download it from Soshified’s Video Downloads Section.

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