On February 1st, Sooyoung and her mother and sister made guest appearances on SBS’s “Discovery of Trends”.

On the show, Sooyoung helped out with a “help service” company and ran some errands for customers. Earlier, she also sat down at the “help service” desk and personally took orders like a professional.

During the filming, Sooyoung also danced to “I Got A Boy” and made all the men in the room go crazy with excitement. MC Shin Hyunjoon even took the opportunity to record a video.

Sooyoung’s family appeared later in the show when, without letting the staff know, Sooyoung’s mother and sister, Choi Soojin, sent in an order for popcorn. Not knowing it was Sooyoung’s house, MC Kim Minjong, an actor signed under SM Entertainment, went to deliver and was surprised to see Sooyoung’s beautiful sister and her mother. In the end, both left a heartwarming video message to Sooyoung by giving her words of encouragement on her activities.

This episode of “Discovery of Trends” can be seen below or found in Soshified’s Soshi Subs Downloads Section.

Sources: Shin [email protected], soshisubs@Dailymotion
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