Happy New Year!

After all the days of teasing, “SOON” has changed to “NOW”. Let me introduce to you our new layout: Soshified 2013.

Our gift to everyone for a fresh start in 2013 begins with our long-awaited layout change. Our tech admins, graphics designers, and random “encouragers” helped this layout come to life for you. More specifically, you can thank the many hours that Leddy, Gray, and KyopoCanuck put into coding the layout, and pubsquash, cream, Justin., dododido, and Vtension for conceptualizing and designing the layout. Give them a thank you if you could!

Let me give you a tour of the layout and some new features, but first you should have this as the background music while surfing the site. It will make the tour, even more engaging.

(Remember to get your copy of Girls’ Generation’s “I Got A Boy“)

Moving on, the layout features a stunning header that showcases pictures from the album, “I Got A Boy”. The ribbon also sponsors a variety of cool feeds to keep you updated with Soshified and Girls’ Generation news and information.


Power of 9 section is revamped again. This time hover and have fun. You’ll spend hours back here.


Our moderators welcome the newest edition to the Soshified family, Soshified 101: your complete guide to Soshified. They worked hard, so check the section and show it some love! This should be a great guide for new and old members alike.


Something really cool about this layout is we’ve changed the posting style. Your username and information now lie above the post instead of just on the side. It makes room for the new member markers as well!


Lastly, we also separated the pinned topics from regular topics for easier viewing.


We hope this new look and new features will have you on Soshified even more in 2013. If you see any bugs or glitches with the theme, feel free to post in this thread. We’re still in the progress of adding more things here and there, so be on the look out.

2013 is going to be a big year. Let’s go!



(P.S. Don’t forget February 1st is Soshified’s 5th year, so expect many great surprises and giveaways^^)