American music site debuted their new K-Pop-centric column on January 29th called “K-Town”. Wearing their red stage outfits from “I Got A Boy”, Girls’ Generation welcomed readers to the column with cheerful enthusiasm in a video celebrating the column’s debut. Tiffany congratulated “K-Town” and expressed her hopes that Girls’ Generation will be featured regularly.

Girls’ Generation’s newest album, “I Got A Boy”, was met with critical acclaim by the American media, including a track-by-track review from’s K-Pop columnist, Jeff Benjamin. Billboard promises that “K-Town” will “bring readers K-pop news, songs, and music videos each week. Not to mention, weekly chart articles on the Billboard Korea K-Pop Hot 100 chart.”

Sources: Billboard
Written by: Grizzlei@soshified
Edited by: taengsoshi@soshified

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