On January 23rd, Girls’ Generation appeared on MBC’s “Radio Star” for an episode filled with honest discussions and lots of laughs. The topics ranged from Sooyoung’s “scandal” with Won Bin (a South Korean actor), Wonder Girls’ Sunye’s marriage, fan reactions to “I Got A Boy”, Jessica and Sunny’s aegyo around men, the ratings for “Fashion King” and “Love Rain”, Jessica’s infamous opening pitch, Hyoyeon’s singing abilities, Tiffany’s health food and herbal medicine obsession, Seohyun’s awkward birthday party, and much more.


Throughout the show, Super Junior’s Kyuhyun, a host of “Radio Star”, also explained that the member of Girls’ Generation closest to his ideal type was Seohyun, and Hyoyeon shared her enjoyment of traveling to faraway events. The members then revealed that should a member of Girls’ Generation get married, her wishes would be respected and she would remain a part of Girls’ Generation despite no longer being an unmarried girl. Yuri also performed her kkab dance and stated her wish to play a bubbly character in a romantic comedy for her next role, while Yoona showed several different facial expressions for acting in commercials. Lastly, Hyoyeon displayed her talents in speaking Chinese by pretending to order from a restaurant, Seohyun explained that she has been blacklisted by Customs in the United States for accidentally forgetting to disclose that she had a bag of baby tomatoes in her luggage, and Taeyeon stated that though working may be stressful, she finds resting and not working to be like torture.


The show ended with a heartwarming and funny segment where each member explained to the member next to them one thing they would like them to fix. The suggestions included Taeyeon changing her habits when depressed, Jessica moving her head more during the headbanging part of the “I Got A Boy” choreography, and Sunny taking more care of her health.

Download this hilarious, a-ma-zing episode of “Radio Star” from Soshified’s Soshi Subs Downloads Section or check it out below.

[SoShi Subs][2013.01.23] MBC Radio Star EP 312… by bhostssf

[SoShi Subs][2013.01.23] MBC Radio Star EP 312… by bhostssf

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