Update with album information:

Girls’ Generation’s fourth album, “I Got A Boy”, will also come with a 40-page photobook. Ten versions of the album will be released, nine of which will use a single member’s photo as a cover, and one of which will use a group photo. Each version of the album will include a different photobook.

Update from 12/12/26 with tracklist:

Girls’ Generation has revealed the tracklist for Girls’ Generation’s fourth Korean album, “I Got A Boy”.

1. I Got a Boy
2. Dancing Queen
3. Baby Maybe
4. 말해봐
5. Promise
6. Express 999
7. 유리아이
8. Look at Me
9. XYZ
10. 낭만길

Original article from 12/12/21:

After making a comeback on January 1st, Girls’ Generation will be releasing its fourth Korean album, “I Got A Boy”, on January 2nd, 2013. “I Got A Boy” will be Girls’ Generation’s first Korean album as a group in over a year, having released “The Boys” in October of 2011.

The album will be released with ten different covers, nine of which will be individual jackets that show a single member of Girls’ Generation and one which will be a group photo. For most retailers, covers will be randomly chosen when the albums are purchased.

“I Got A Boy” is currently available for pre-order. Stay tuned to Soshified for additional details.

Aladin: (US$15.15)

DVDHeaven: (US$14.34 no poster, US$15.44 folded poster, US$17.54 poster in tube)

Gmarket: (various)

leesmusic: (US$15.15)

YesAsia: Poster (US$29.99) No Poster (US$19.99)

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