Hi everyone, hope you’re all enjoying your holidays, which also happens to explain the delays on this column, but that’s small talk. Anyways, let’s move on to the good stuff.

This final column features a stunning sexy girl and her sub-forum, that stands out even in a winter snow storm because she’s known as the black pearl. Ok, that was bad, so sue me. Aside from all the awesome holidays, Girls’ Generation’s Yuri also celebrated her birthday earlier this month on December 5th. Soshified wrote a special birthday dedication for her, and Korean SONEs also made a newspaper advertisement for Yuri’s birthday.

Of course, when you think of Kwon Yuri then there has to be some Kkab (hyper) Yul in there somewhere. Dorky antics are an irreplaceable part of Yuri and SONEs love her all the more for it. Anyone remember when she put a basketball hoop over her own head in “Hello Baby”? How about when she’s twirling towards the stage exit while everyone else just walks normally? As sexy as she is, Yuri is a dork at heart too and here is a thread dedicated to it.

Dinosaur kkab Yuri.

Aside from Kkab Yul on stage, you might be able to find witty Yuri in UFO replies, so be sure to check out the thread that has a compilation of her UFO replies. Yuri is always good at making fans smile or laugh, and you know how they say, “a smile from Yuri keeps the doctors away”. Ok, no one says that, but it should work anyways. Cute selcas (self camera pictures) should help too. No one can resist a cute Yuri picture and you can find the majority of her selcas in this thread here.

While Yuri is known for her dancing skills, her singing skills aren’t too bad either. She has an extremely soothing voice, and even star singer Rain agrees. You can find a nice thirteen minute video that contains a compilation of Yuri singing in the sub-forum titled “Yuri’s Heartwarming Voice”. Now quickly move over there for a listen while you continue reading this column.

Yuri’s voice makes Rain happy.

Next up is Yuri’s chest fixation thread. Now, I’m sure everyone is wondering why I would highlight something like this, but it’ll all make sense in the end, just bare with me for a bit here. Anyways, SONEs aren’t the only people that check out the girls, even the members themselves check each other out every once in a while (some more than others).

Yuri’s chest fixation in action. The target is Jessica.

After a chest fixation, we can’t forget about obsessions for butts, and that thread can be found here. Yuri probably learned it from Taeyeon, or is it the other way around? Either way, these two are usually the main culprits. Yuri’s favorite target seems to be Jessica.

As much as Yuri likes to sneak a grab or a pat here and there, her body isn’t anything to scoff at either. We’ve got threads like “Yuri’s bum”, “Yuri’s midriff teasers”, “Yuri’s famous waves”, and even “Yuri’s tongue exercises”. Ok, that last one is a bit weird, but it isn’t my fault. Once you’re done going through those threads, I think most people would agree that Yuri is a really gorgeous girl herself.

Has anyone noticed a pattern yet?

Well, if everyone would take a look at exactly who started the last six threads I highlighted, you’ll notice it is by a person we are all very familiar with. I’ll just give it a minute to sink in and let everyone chuckle a bit.

Who knew our founder Soy was so good at finding such “interesting” moments. However, before I get fired for this, since I’m painting a strange image of Soy, she also sees all the good moments too. For example, the thread “SNSD’s cheerleader” in the Yuri sub-forum was also started by Soy, and this thread highlights a lot of moments when Yuri goes out to support her fellow members. No one can blame Soy for pointing out the “interesting” moments, because everyone else is on the lookout for those moments too. Don’t you dare deny it either. However, everyone still loves Soshibond.

Yuri “supports” Sunny during her radio show. By “support”, I mean prank.

While that might be all the older sections up and finished, but that doesn’t mean new and interesting places won’t pop up, such as the new “SNSD Logos” thread. Inside the thread, you’ll find that member sskeychain created some logos from the upcoming album and even a few others, so be sure to check it out. There also has been a major update to the Soshified Gallery, so take a look, because it’s gotten even bigger than before. Bigger also happens to mean more pictures. Just try not to drool too much ok?

That’s it for this month and this column (for now). I hope you all enjoyed reading it, and if you ever see a new SONE looking a little lost on this gigantic website, be sure to point them to this column so they can find their way around. See you all again soon in another place.

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Written by: SeraphKY@soshified
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