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Ever since debut, nearly all the members of Girls’ Generation have dyed their hair a different color. What do you think is the best hair color for each member and why? Bonus points for pictures!


Right now Hyoyeon is rocking the blonde hair, which looks absolutely fantastic, and blonde also looks amazing on Jessica.

I know Sunny has been blonde for a while and she pulls it off really well, but I am longing for the days of brunette Soonkyu. That is her best look to me.

Black pearl Yuri with black hair is my favorite. She gives off an exotic and sexy vibe with that color.

I like brunette for the rest of the girls. However, Tiffany’s red hair deserves a special mention. I must say that I absolutely loved it and was sad to see it go. Her red hair was bold, sexy, and loud; perfect for Tiffany.


Like MoonSoshi9 mentioned above, Tiffany’s red hair is sexy, so I have to stick another picture in just because.

Bonus Fanypack too!!

Apart from Tiffany, I think Taeyeon’s blonde hair looked really good on her. I liked it the most during “Twinkle” and “The Boys”.

However, unlike a lot of people who think Jessica should go back to blonde, I actually like her more as a brunette. She’s just so cute!

Sunny and Hyoyeon’s blonde hair is definitely worth a mention too.

Lastly, the other girls haven’t undergone a really drastic change in hair colour or style, so I would say they’re good in brunette.

If you only have one chance to hug a member of Girls’ Generation, who and why? Also, if you are a PD for a drama, who would you cast?
-cutie jessi


I would hug Taeyeon. I would give her a big ol’ bear hug and lift her up playfully. I get the feeling she would enjoy that kind of a silly hug and let out an ahjumma laugh.

It might be because “The 3rd Hospital” just finished, but I would want to cast Sooyoung. She really took me by surprise in this drama. I was expecting her to do somewhat decently because some of the acting I had seen her do on variety shows was entertaining. However, I was really blown away by her in this drama. She showed her cuteness, her vulnerability, her sadness, her anger, her hope, her desperation, and her happiness in the drama and really made the character of Euijin come to life. I don’t want to spoil anything, but there was one scene in particular in the hospital where Sooyoung moved me to tears. I really hope Sooyoung continues to act because she is seriously talented.


One?! Why just one? Don’t be stingy…

Okay, if I really, really, really, really, had to choose just one, I’d choose Tiffany. She’s so bubbly and cute and huggable and squishable and adorable and… did I mention cute? But of course, if someone hadn’t been so stingy, I would’ve hugged all of them to death. Heh.

I would go for someone who hasn’t had the chance to show off their acting skills yet. Since that rules out about half of them, I would cast Hyoyeon. I think she has the potential to do really well in a drama since she’s so quirky.

Why do the members of Girls’ Generation not have accounts on social networks?


I’m sure they have private ones for themselves and their close friends. But as far as public accounts go, like some other idols that have public Twitter accounts, in my opinion it is just not necessary. If they had public accounts, they are no longer really in control of the messages that come to them. For instance, Jessica briefly had a Twitter account before it was shut down because of rampant hate from anti-fans. The girls are able to communicate through UFO and messages on the official site, and this gives them all the control for reaching out to fans when they want, and keeping any negativity away since it is meant for fans.

Additionally, as much as I would love to just be able to tweet a message at them, the fact that they are not so accessible gives them kind of an exotic feeling. This is kind of hard to explain, but it’s like they feel more important and larger than life since they aren’t tweeting or posting updates 24/7 like some idols do. It works for their image as the classy world superstar Asia’s #1 girl group. I don’t see it negatively, and certainly not that they are aloof or anything like that. Also, when they do communicate to fans through their UFOs and official message posts, it feels more special.

Lastly, having public social network accounts is dangerous. Look at the drama that happened because of Twitter with T-ara and IU recently, or some of the questionable things certain idols have said on Twitter that enrage fans of other artists. A single tweet can cause huge problems, tarnish their image, or even worse, derail their career. It’s just not worth it when the girls have other means to communicate directly with fans that are more meaningful.

I mean, who doesn’t love Taeyeon’s messages after “Music Core” with the pictures of TTS and SONEs?


Yeah…what MoonSoshi9 said.

Haha, kidding.

But no, in all seriousness, I actually like it that the girls don’t have public Twitter or Facebook accounts. Having them opened to the public brings in so much more trouble for the girls, and I don’t think it’s worth it at all. Also, I find it cuter when the girls take the time to post messages on their official site or on their Japanese Mobile site, etc. I think it’s because it gives me the feeling that each message is a lot more meaningful as the girls actually spend time taking photos for us and writing short messages. If they were to tweet aimlessly 24/7, it just loses the “ohmygodthegirlsaretalkingtome!” sort of feeling.

Which member fits the concept of each of the Korean albums best?


Into The New World: Tiffany. Mushroom Fany is timeless and her bright eye smile represents their hope as a new artist.
Gee: I think all of the girls fit this concept really well. They all have an abundance of cuteness in them and look great in skinny jeans and a t-shirt.
Genie: Sooyoung. Legs.
Oh!: Sunny. This concept was cuteness overload, and for that we must turn to Sunny!
Run Devil Run: Jessica. Sexy and chic, this concept was perfect for Jessica and her blonde and black hair.
Hoot: Yoona. The tall and gorgeous Bond girl in the center. Perfect aim with her bow and arrow to hit everyone’s heart.
The Boys: Hyoyeon. The concept was all about attitude and sass, and Hyoyeon slays it with her killer hotness in her solo.
Twinkle: Tiffany. Tiffany’s red hair perfectly shows off the bright and fun nature of the TTS sub-unit.


Into The New World: All.
Gee: Taeyeon. The shirt and jeans outfit is simple and cute, just like Taengoo, and the song, whether you like it or not, is cute, just like Taengoo.
Genie: Tiffany. Hot dayum look at that.

Oh!: Jessica. She’s a cute cheerleader.
Run Devil Run: All. But I think Yuri and Sunny deserve special mention.
Hoot: definitely not Hyoyeon’s stylist. Sooyoung…or Taeyeon…or Tiffany?
The Boys: Hyoyeon. Thank god her stylist redeemed herself.
Twinkle: Tiffany. Red hair. ‘Nuff said.

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