banila co. recently released a new advertisement and CF featuring Jessica for its “it Shiny Shimmer Base”. The promotional photo shows off her flawless complexion, which is enhanced by the product. In the CF, Jessica is seen walking into a classy bar, immediately impressing the people around her with her alluring beauty. Check out the CF below.

Jessica also had a short interview with “Mnet Wide Entertainment News” on the set of banila co.’s CF shooting.

How do you usually care for your skin?

Jessica: I usually don’t drink a lot of water. You know how your skin gets dry during autumn and winter, and it’s annoying having to do this and that [to care for my skin]. I want to recommend a sleeping facial pack to make your skin moist and shiny.

While recommending a color to wear for this fall, she answered, “I’m thinking of a camel color for clothing and bags.”

What fashion style do you usually enjoy most?

Jessica: Like what I’m wearing now, I think earrings are pretty no matter when you wear them. I also think it looks really fashionable mixing and matching a classic, vintage bag, like what your mom used to carry around, with today’s clothes and current fashion.

When asked who her ideal type was, she answered that she likes a person who does his own work well and is exceptional at what he does. She then chose Yang Hak Seon as her ideal type. She noted that he is an Olympic gold medalist, and she hopes Girls’ Generation can become a gold medalist in the music industry as well.

Sources: Korea banila [email protected], [email protected],
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